Liquid Liquid Separation

Liquid-liquid separators are devices used in several industries to separate the phases.


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Experimental Facility

The liquid-liquid separation facility is installed within the Varmeteknisk Lab, EPT, NTNU. Details about the facility can be found in the Thermal Two Phase Flow Laboratory. Main Characteristics of the facility:





System Pressure



NIR visualization of the droplet coalescence Liquid-liquid facility, EPT, NTNU.


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Numerical Simulation

An in-house numerical model of the studied systems is being developed for improving the estimation of liquid-liquid separation.


MSc. Thesis

Emile Rusten, Spring 2013. Study of the droplet-interface dynamic related to liquid-liquid separators. MSc Thesis. NTNU.

Antonio J. Vera, Spring 2013. Design and construction of a multiple micro- droplet generator. MSc Thesis. NTNU.

Mathin Sveier, Spring 2012. Study of the droplet-interface dynamics related to liquid-liquid. separators. MSc Thesis. NTNU.

Lars Heimdal, Spring 2011. Breakage and coalescence mechanisms in oil/water gravity separators. MSc Thesis. NTNU.



Undergraduate Thesis

Jenny Bjerknes, Fall 2012. Study of droplet-interface dynamic on oil-water separators. Project Thesis. NTNU.

Marthin Sveier, Fall 2011. Design of liquid-liquid separators for offshore installations. Project Thesis. NTNU.