Two Phase Flow Instabilities

The study of the dynamic behavior of a thermal system operating in forced convection flow boiling is important for the prediction and understanding of the local and global stability phenomena. Two phase flow instabilities are undesirable as they can result in mechanical vibrations and system control problems, affect normal operation, restrict operating parameters and influence system safety. Several types of instabilities induced by phase change are of relevance for the design and operation of industrial systems. The proper characterization of the instabilities and the condition for its occurrence can determine optimal and safe operation of the involved systems.

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Experimental Facility

The Two Phase Flow Instability facility is installed within the Varmeteknisk Lab, EPT, NTNU. Details about the facility can be found in the Thermal Two Phase Flow Laboratory. Main Characteristics of the facility:





System Pressure



Mass flow rate




v0 - 50K


Max. Power



Visualisation of DWO. Fluid R134a.
5mm ID .

Pressure Drop Oscillations. Fluid R134a. 5mm ID

More videos

Numerical Simulation

An in-house numerical model of the studied systems have been developed based on the least squares spectral element method.

Simulation Density Wave Oscillation.
Stable oscillation.

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Undergraduate Thesis

Mikkel Sørrum, (2013). Experimental investigation of the effect of heat flux and mass flow rate in oscillations characteristics of Density Wave Oscillations. Project Thesis. NTNU.