RGB Playspace


Public Opening: Summer 2017

Permanent Public Art Installation

Interactive Lights and Sounds Playspace at Adressaparken in
Trondheim, Norway.

Commissioned by Norsk kulturr├ądet (Rom for kunst), Trondheim Kommune, Adresseavisen, and the NTNU.

RGB Playspace is open-ended facility for creative empowerment that can be manipulated and transformed through play. This public art installation invites children and adults alike to physically explore the interactive space to instantly become a composer of music and lights.

RGB Playspace is an example of art that brings technological change that can benefit everyone. There is a worldwide social issue of digital awareness being not yet evenly distributed. By bringing art and technology into public spaces, the artist hopes to pilot a new approach in bringing human community and social technology together - through playfulness and humility in face of complexities.

The artwork raises a question on how we can we innovate the technologies of social communication, or of peace and governance through art and technology.

You are also invited to share your original musical arragements or compositions and become part of the art installation.

You may send your material and its description through the artist or the coordinators email.

Design and Technology

Installation Sketch Installation Sketch Technology