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Fundamentals of Robust Control

Session code:Tu-M10-TO
Time:11:00:00 - 13:00:00
Room:Club C
Organizers:Scherer Carsten W., Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
Chairs:de Oliveira Mauricio, University of California San Diego, United States
Cochairs:Scherer Carsten W., Delft University of Technology, Netherlands
Paper CodeTitleAuthorsTopic
Tu-M10-TO/1A robust version of the elimination lemmade Oliveira Mauricio2.5
Tu-M10-TO/2Quadratic performance analysis for finite-horizon systemsFujioka Hisaya2.5
Tu-M10-TO/3On Numerically Verifiable Exactness of Multiplier RelaxationsScherer Carsten W.2.5
Tu-M10-TO/4A Multivariate Polynomial Matrix Order-Reduction Algorithm for Linear Fractional Transformation ModellingMarcos Andres, Bates Declan G., Postlethwaite Ian2.5
Tu-M10-TO/5Control-oriented properties preservation in linear systems when applying PR0 substitutionsMartinez-Garcia Juan Carlos, Fernandez-Anaya Guillermo, Kucera Vladimir, Flores-Godoy Jose Job2.5
Tu-M10-TO/6J-Spectral Factorization via Similarity TransformationsZhong Qing-Chang2.5