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History of the University of Cambridge

In history, it is interesting to learn about what has happened, why and when.  The part of history that is least fun for most people, is trying to remember the when.  It is so boring trying to memorize dates, if you do it by saying them over and over again!  Try using a new technique: finding a silly pseudonume for the dates you would like to remember.

Here I use Cambridge University as an example of memorizing typical historical dates.  The first job is to get the information that you want to remember, and put it on a list. 

Founding Dates of the Colleges of Cambridge University

St. Peter’s College   1284
Clare College   1326
Pembroke College   1347
Gonville College   1348
Trinity Hall College   1350
Corpus Christi College   1352
King’s College   1441
Queens’ College   1448
St Catherine’s College   1473
Jesus College   1496
Christ’s College   1505
St. John’s College   1511
           Magdalene College   1542
           Trinity College   1546
           Emmanuel College   1584
           Sidney Sussex College   1596
           Downing College   1800
           Girton College   1896
           Newnham College   1873
           Selwyn College   1882
           New Hall College   1954
           Churchhill College   1960
           Fitzwilliam College   1968

Now you need to find a pseudonume for each of the dates, and associate it with the name of the college.  Since you know that all the dates begin with the number 1, you only need a pseudonume for the last three digits of each date.  This requires looking up the three-digit numbers in the Ponderous Pseudonumer® and seeing which pseudonume you can associate with the name.

Now make a new list, writing the pseudonume for each date that you want to remember.  Here I also write the association between the college name and the pseudonume.  When you are making a list like this for your own use, you don't need to write out this asociation, but only make it in your mind.

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Founding Dates of the Colleges of Cambridge University

College Name  Date Pseudonume   How the pseudonume can be associated with the name*
 St. Peter’s Coll.  1284  "NeVeR!"   Imagine St. Peter at heaven's gate saying "You enter?  Never!"
 Clare College  1326  MaNaGe   If all is clear you will manage it.
 Pembroke C.  1347  hoMewoRK   Your pen broke while doing your homework.
 Gonville College  1348  MoRaVia   The ville is gone. Where? To far away Moravia!
 Trinity Hall C.  1350  MuLeS   Imagine a three-part hall full of mules.
 Corpus Christi C.  1352  MeLoN   Envisage the body of Christ ("Corpus Christi") as a melon.
 King’s College  1441  aRaRaT   The kings are struggling to rule on Mt. Ararat.
 Queens’ C.  1448  haiRy ReVue   The queens with wild hair dance in a revue.
 St Catherine’s C.  1473  oRiGaMi   St. Catherine is folding paper origami figures.
 Jesus College  1496  heRBaGe   Jesus is selling vegetables with a sign: Jesus Christ's / herbage wholesale 
 Christ’s C.  1505  whoLeSaLe   Jesus is written over the word herbageChrist's is over the word wholesale
 St. John’s C.  1511  oLD haT  Old St. John is wearing an Old Hat.
 Magdalene C.  1542  aLLuRiNG   Mary Magdalene was alluring in her sinful youth.
 Trinity College  1546  aLLeRGy   Trinity — a three-leaf clover — gives you an allergy.
 Emmanuel C.  1584  LiVe wiRe   Despite the owners manual you grab a live wire.
 Sidney Sussex C.  1596  huLa-hooP SHow   Sidney and Susie X put on a show using plastic Hula-hoops.
 Downing C.  1800  oFFiCeS   Downing Street in London is full of offices.
 Girton College  1896  Few SHow uP   (first Cambridge womens college) Girls come to town: a few show up.
 Newnham C.  1873  VaCuuM    The students try to suck up a new smoked ham with a vacuum cleaner.
 Selwyn College  1882  heaVy oVeN   Sell and win a heavy oven.
 New Hall C.  1954  PiLLaR   The new hall is supported by an immense pillar.
 Churchhill C.  1960  BeaCHeS   Visualize Churchhill with troups landing on the beaches of Normandy.
 Fitzwilliam C.  1968  Buy a CHeVy!   Fitzwilliam is a car dealer saying "Buy a Chevy"

* Only the name of each college helps me remember each pseudonume.  Someone familiar with Cambridge University would be able to choose other pseudonumes from the Ponderous Pseudonumer® or the Peewee Web Pseudonumer® based on the style of the buildings, the location, the reputation, some recent scandal, etc.

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