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Geological Time Scale

The geological time scale summarizes the divisions of geological time.  It is based mainly on the extinction and evolution of life forms, but also the changes of the earth's land surface and oceans.  The time scale has been in use for about two hundred years, but the numbers dates in millions of years have been known for less than one hundred years, and are being continually improved and better understood. 

To learn about the Geological Time Scale and the Earth's fascinating geological history, go to this web site.

To memorize the order of geological periods (one of the first things geology students must memorize) you can use mnemonics.  You will find many choices of good mnemonics at this web site.

To memorize the numbers in the time scale, you can use Pseudonumerology.  You need to find a pseudonume that you can associate with each of the periods.  In the short list below, I have used the Ponderous Pseudonumer® to find pseudonumes for the main numbers of the 1982 time scale. 

(If you just found this page directly from the internet and still don't know what a pseudonume is, you must go back to the home page, Pseudonumerology.com and read about it.  Then learn to pseudospell, which takes a few minutes, before returning to this page.)

Arabic numerals:  

Beginnings of the periods in the 1982 Geological Time Scale
Period  Age  Pseudonume How the pseudonume can be remembered
Tertiary    66 m.y.  Ouch-ouch!  the dinosaurs suddenly become extinct.
Cretaceous  145 m.y.  T-rule  Tyrannosaurus (T-Rex) rules in the end of the Cretaceous
Jurassic  208 m.y.  No safe  no one is safe from the meat-eaters.
Triassic  245 m.y.  New role  the dinosaurs appear and lead a new role in evolution
Permian  290 m.y.  Knobs  knobs of Permain rocks stand up in the Oslo area
Carboniferous   362 m.y.  Matchin'  Carboniferous (coal) is lit by "matching" with a lighted match
Devonian  408 m.y.  Erosive  erosive forces dominate the Devonian
Silurian  439 m.y.  Ramp  the Silurian strata are characterized by ramp structures
Ordovician  510 m.y.  Lots   the Ordovician rocks in Norway contain lots of fossils
Cambrian  570 m.y.   Legs  in the Cambrian period the first animals with legs appeared

Since 1982, the time scale has been much improved.  The ages are now more precisely defined, by analyses of radioactive rocks that were collected from the borders.  These new precise dates for periods, epochs, and ages should really be known by geologists who are working with rocks of these periods. 

Pseudonumes for remembering the beginnings of the epochs
Based on the time scale of Gradstein & Ogg, in Episodes v.19, no. 1 & 2 1996:

Period/epoch/age (date) mnemonic pseudonume that gives the beginning date

  Calabrian (1.8) high caliber thief  (THieF = TF = 18)
  Placenzian (3.6) win, place or match  (MaTCH = MJ = 36)
Pliocene (1.8) "please more toffee"  (ToFFee = TF = 18)
  Zanclean (5.3) his ankle is lame  (LaMe = LM = 53)
Miocene (23.8) my oh my, a nymph!  (NyMPH = NMF = 238)
  Messinian (7.1) messy or missing goat
  Tortonian (11.2) Tortonian Titan
  Serravallian (14.8) a servile dwarf
  Langhian (16.4) a long dasher
  Burdigalian (20.5) a bird on sale
  Aquitanian (23.8) a water nymph
Oligocene (33.7) Oliver mimic
  Chattian (28.5) chat naively
  Rupelian (33.7) mimic
Eocene (54.8) the e-scene, all rave!
  Priabonian (37.0) mix
  Bartonian (41.3) bar tune rythem
  Lutetian (49.0) loot - robs
  Ypresian (54.8) larva
Paleocene (65.) climate chills dinosaur extinctions
  Thanetian (57.9) the net: look up
  Selandian (60.9) slander -- chews up
  Danian (65.0) Danish jellies
  Maastrichtian (71.3) a master academy
  Campanian (83.5) a camping family
  Santonian (85.8) Santa on fluff of clouds
  Coniacian (89.0) cognac-phobia
  Turonian (93.5) turn-on Pamela
  Cenomanian (98.9) snowman pappa

  Albian (112.2) Alps toting
  Aptian  (121.0) apartment tents
  Barremian (127.0) barrel tanks
  Hauterivian (132.0) hot river demons
  Valanginian (136.5) valentine card to Michelle
  Ryanzanian (142.0) rain drains

  Berriasian (144.0) berries dryers
  Portlandian (145.6) Portland (city) hydrology
  Volgian (150.7) vulgar tail suck
  Tithonian (150.7) title: Alaska
  Kimmeridgian (154.1) kimmer-ridge tailored
  Oxfordian (159.4) Oxford university ad libber

  Callovian (164.4) call-off the huge roar
  Bathonian (169.2) bath dishpan
  Bajocian (176.5) ba-juice thick jelly
  Aalenian (180.1) alien two-faced

  Toarcian (189.6) two arcs (McDonalds arches) tough peach
  Pliensbachian (195.3) plane diploma
  Sinemurian (201.9) sine-curve instep, sign-more no-stop
  Hettangian (205.7) hat no silk

  Rhaetian (209.6) rat lives in in seepage
  Norian (220.7) no rain no one soggy
  Camian (227.4) came in anger
  Ladinian (234.3) lady in my harem
  Anisian (241.7) ants are neurotic
  Olenekian (244.8) "Ole!" bullfight nearer a hoof
  Induan (248.2) India nirvana
  Tatarian (252.1) tattered clothes, unlined
  Ufimian (256) UFO extraterrestrial knowledge
  Kazanian (256) cows unleash
  Kungurian (260) King Kong enjoys, or gnashes
  Artinskian (269) art-in-skian "in shian"
  Sakmarian (282) sack unwoven
  Asselian (290) asylum hangups
  Gzelian (296.5) gazelle on a bushel
  Kasimovian (303) Isaac Asimov museum
  Moscovian (311) "Moscow-method"
  Bashkirian (323) "bashed me numb"

  Serphukovian (327) serp<ent monkey
  Visean (342) vise hammering
  Tournaisian (354) turn easy miller's wheel

  Famennian (364) famine measure
  Frasnian (370) phrase mocks or mix
  Givetian (380) gift movies
  Eifelian (391) Eifel Tower empty
  Emsian (400) EMS (Eastern Mountain Sports stores) horses
  Praghian (412) Prague rioting or rotting
  Lochovian (417) Loch Nes monster warthog
  Pridoli (419) "pride runs deep" r. deep
  Ludlow (423) laid low? renew him or rehang him
  Wenlock (428) unlock and run off
  Llandovery (443) land over hairy worm
  Ashgill (449) ashes in rare pie
  Caradoc (458) cardiac heart eaten by a werewolf
  Llandeilo (464) landfill< archer
  Llanvirn (470) anvi<l rocks or rugs or rags
  Arenig (485) a renegade Raphael
  Tremadoc (495) tremble horribly
  Lenian (524) John <Lennon's song Eleanor (Rigby)
  Atdabanian (530) at a bank limos or alms
  Tommotian (534) Tom Thumb lemur
  Nemakitian Daldynian (545) first Cambrian fossils are all real
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