Johannes Jäschke - Research Group

My group is part of the Systems Engineering Group at the Department of Chemical engineering at NTNU.

PhD Students

  1. Zawadi Mdoe

  2. Simen Bjorvand

  3. Evren Mert Turan

  4. Halvor Aarnes Krog

  5. Lucas Camman


Co-supervised PhD students

  • Leonardo Sales with Assoc Prof Milan Stanko, Department of GeoScience and Petroleum, NTNU

  • Md. Rizwan, with Assoc Prof Christian Holden, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, NTNU

  • Ana Dias with Prof. Mauricio B. de Souza Jr., Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Lucas Ferreira Bernardino, with Professor Skogestad, Department of Chemical engineering, NTNU


Graduated PhD students

  1. Mandar Thombre Novel Approaches in Robust Multistage Nonlinear Model Predictive Control, 19. February 2021, (Equinor, Trondheim)

  2. Timur Bikmukhametov Machine Learning and First Principles Modeling Applied to Multiphase Flow Estimation 18. December 2020, (Zyfra, Moscow)

  3. Adriaen Verheyleweghen, Control Degrees of Freedom for Optimal Operation and Extending Remaining Useful Life 12. June 2020, (Cybernetica AS, Trondheim )

  4. Tamal Das Modelling, Estimation and Control for Optimal Operation of Separation Processes in the Oil and Gas Industry 14. December 2018 (ABB Oslo).

Former Postdocs (subsequent position)

  1. Jose Matias (Postdoc at McMaster University)

  2. Eka Suwartadi (TietoEVRY, Oslo)

Former researchers and other associates

  1. Md Rizwan (Now at Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, NTNU)

  2. Sandeep Prakash (2020-2021) ✝

Former co-supervised PhD students

  • Dinesh Krishnamoorthy (with S. Skogestad)

  • Julian Straus (with S. Skogestad)

  • Vinicius De Oliveira (with S. Skogestad)

  • Chriss Grimholt (with S. Skogestad)