Johannes Jäschke - Publications


PhD Thesis


  • Johannes Jäschke, Sigurd Skogestad. Parallel Heat Exchanger Control. EU/UK Patent PCT/EP2013/059304 and GB1207770.7 (Video presentation )

Plenary and invited talks

  • Johannes Jäschke, Optimal process operations and control of processes with degrading equipment, CAPE forum DTU, denmark, 9. October 2020

  • Johannes Jäschke, Optimale Prozessführung unter Berücksichtigung des Anlagenzustandes, In German, BCI day, TU Dortmund, 29. September 2017

  • Johannes Jäschke. Optimal Controlled Variables for Polynomial Systems. Invited talk, Department for Automatic Control at the University in Linköping, November 10. 2011.