Updating Software and Downloading a Language


Before you can use the instrument you must install the instrument software. This process is done initially when the instrument is shipped and periodically thereafter as new updates are released. You can also load a new language file during this process.

Determining the current version:

The current version of module software can be determined by going to the main menu and clicking Help\About Q Advantage, then click the More information button, or by opening the Q Series™ Explorer and selecting the Instrument Information View icon and viewing the column labeled Instrument Version. If the instrument has a touch screen, the version can be displayed by touching the DISPLAY MENU key followed by the INFORMATION key.

If you need to update the module software, please follow the directions listed below.

NOTE: It is extremely important to always load both the controller and instrument software when you receive a new revision of software for proper operation.

Updating the software and downloading a language file:

Follow the instructions below to either update your instrument software or download a language:

  1. Verify that both the instrument and the controller are both powered on and connected to the supplied Ethernet Hub or LAN.

  2. Right click on the instrument icon in the TA Instrument Explorer window and select Setup Instrument from the pop-up menu. (Alternatively you can select Tools/Instrument Setup from the instrument control menu.) The Instrument Setup Wizard will now start.

  3. Click the Next button until the window Transfer Program Files to the Instrument is displayed.

Transfer Program Files to the Instrument

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  1. Click on the Browse button to the right of the Update Module Software field to verify the appropriate directory where the instrument software files are located.

NOTE:  The instrument control program will determine the instrument configuration (e.g., with or without Platinum) and display the associated file type in the window title as seen in the figures below.

Select ABS file window


Select a QNX file window

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  1. Choose the instrument file to load:  


  1.  Click Select after choosing the instrument file.

  2. Select the desired language file to load from the Load language list displayed. (English is always present.  One other language may be chosen for downloading.) Once the language file has been downloaded, you can switch between the two loaded languages as directed here Setting the Instrument's Date, Time, and Language.

  3. Click the Send Programs button. Downloading of the fonts, software and language files will now begin and the status can be viewed via a progress bar.  

  4. When the download has successfully finished, a window is posted indicating the software download was successfully completed, see the two figures below.

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  1. Click OK. The instrument control program will automatically close. If your instrument is equipped with the Platinum/QNX features, the instrument will automatically shutdown. Skip the next step. If you do not have those features, proceed to the next step.

NOTE:  If you receive an error that the download failed, you must click the Send Programs button again before you reset the instrument and proceed to the next step.

  1. Shutdown the instrument. Click here Shutting Down the Instrument for more information

  2. Select the Cancel button to exit the wizard or, after the instrument has rebooted, select Next to advance to the Instrument Settings window, then select Finish. The instrument window will close automatically, if opened.

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