Claus Bech - Research group

The Research group in Ecophysiology of birds consists of:

Claus Bech, Professor

Bernt Rønning, Phd (Intraspecific variation in the basal metabolism of birds)

Elin Noreen, Phd-student (Energetics and immunosenescence in a small passerine bird).

Siv Anita Slyngstad, master-student (Tissue specific metabolic responses to food-restriction in Japanese quail chicks [Coturnix c. japonica])

Louise Skeistrand, master-student (Thyroid hormones and the metabolic depression during food-restriction in japanese quail chicks)

Tore Nordstad, master-student (Effects of POPs on hormone levels in arctic breeding black-legged kittiwakes [Rissa tridactyla])

June Larsen, master-student (Corticosterone, body condition and laying data in black-legged kittiwakes [Rissa tridactyla] on Svalbard)

Henrik H. Berntsen, master-student (Long-term effect of nestling food quality on immunocompetence in the zebra finch [Taeniopygia guttata])

Grete Løberg, master-student (Adult workload and immune responses in chicks of the zebra finch, Taeniopygia guttata)

On the Kittiwake project in SPITSBERGEN 1996-2000 (in Norwegian!).

Pictures from field-work on SKLINNA 2001 (Growth and energetics in Shag nestlings).

Pictures from field-work on SPITSBERGEN 2002 (Energetics of Kittiwakes)

More to come here!

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