Ph.D. ( theses supervised by S. Skogestad

The following theses are available for downloading. They were originally prepared in postscript (*.ps), but they have also been transferred to pdf format (*.pdf) Some of the The ps-files also exist in compressed format (*.gz) - generated using the command gzip). You can decompress the file on your own machine using: gunzip

The theses listed below have been supervised by Sigurd Skogestad.

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  • Minimum energy requirements in complex distillation arrangements
    Ivar J. Halvorsen, Thesis submitted May 2001, Defended May 2001
  • 2000

  • Studies on plantwide control
    Truls Larsson, Thesis submitted July 2000, Defended August 2000
  • Separation of azeotropic mixtures: Tools for analysis and studies on batch distillation operation
    Eva-Katrine Hilmen, Thesis submitted November 2000, Defended December 2000
  • 1999

  • Experimental verification of dynamic operation of continuous and multivessel batch distillation (DR.ING. THESIS)
    Bernd Wittgens, Thesis submitted Sept. 1999, Defended Dec. 1999
  • 1998
  • Studies on optimal design and operation of integrated distillation arrangements (DR.ING. THESIS)
    Atle C. Christiansen, Thesis submitted Dec. 1997, Defended Jan. 1998
  • Studies on controllability analysis and control structure design" (DR.ING. THESIS)
    Kjetil Havre, Thesis submitted Jan. 1998, Defended Feb. 1998
  • 1997
  • Optimal operation of integrated processes. Studies on Heat recovery systems. (DR.ING. THESIS) ,
    Bjørn Glemmestad, Telemark, Submitted Oct. 1997 (Supervisor: T. Gundersen, Co-supervisor: S. Skogestad)
  • Stability of ammonia and methanol reators (DIPLOMA THESIS)
    Gintautos Juonys, July 1998 (Thesis submitted to KTU, Lituania)
  • 1996
  • Studies on the dynamics and operation of integrated plants (DR.ING. THESIS)
    John C. Morud. Thesis submitted Dec. 1995; Defended April 1996.
  • Studies on modeling and control of continuous biotechnical processes (DR.ING. THESIS)
    Ying Zhao, Ph.D. Thesis, Submitted 26 Aug 1996
  • Passivity and thermodynamics applied to chemical process control (I)
    Ying Zhao (Given lecture for Ph.D. defence, 13 Sep 1996)
  • Passivity and thermodynamics applied to chemical process control (II)
    Ying Zhao (Comments to given lecture for Ph.D. defence, 13 Sep 1996)
  • 1994
  • Integrated design and control of heat exchanger networks (DR.ING. THESIS)
    Knut W. Mathisen, Ph.D. Thesis, Submitted April 1994
  • Studies on robust multivariable distillation control (DR.ING. THESIS)
    Petter Lundstrom, Ph.D. Thesis, Submitted July 1994
  • Studies on optimal operation and control of batch distillation columns (DR.ING. THESIS)
    Eva Sørensen, Ph.D. Thesis, Submitted July 1994
  • Studies on control of integrated plants (DR.ING. THESIS)
    Erik A. Wolff, Ph.D. Thesis, Submitted July 1994