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S. Skogestad and M. Morari, ``Variable Selection for Decentralized Control'', Paper 128c, AIChE Annual Meeting, Washington DC, Nov. 1988
(Reprinted in 1992 in {\em MIC}, see paper 33 in list of journal publications)

Abstract. Decentralized controllers (single-loop controllers applied to multivariable plants) are often preferred in practice because they are robust and relatively simple to understand and to change. The design of such a control system starts with pairing inputs (manipulated variables) and outputs (controlled variables). For a nxn plant there are n! possible pairings, and there is a great need for screening techniques to quickly eliminate undesirable pairings. In this paper we present several tests for eliminating pairings which are not decentralized integral controllable (DIC). A system is DIC if there exists a stabilizing decentralized controller with integral action such that the gains of the individual loops may be reduced independently without introducing instability. Note that DIC is a property of the plant and the chosen pairings. The tests presented are in terms of different measures of the sign of steady state gain matrix; including the RGA, the determinant and eigenvalues. The relationship to previously presented results is discussed in detail.