15th Triennial World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control
  Barcelona, 21–26 July 2002 
Radu-Emil Precup and Stefan Preitl
“Politehnica” University of Timisoara, Department of Automation
Bd. V. Parvan 2, RO-1900 Timisoara, Romania
Phone: +40-56204333 ext. 688, 689, 699, 683, 681, Fax: +40-56192049
E-mail: rprecup@aut.utt.ro, spreitl@aut.utt.ro

The paper proposes a new development method for a Takagi-Sugeno PI-fuzzy controller meant for a class of plants applicable to the fields of electrical drives or servo systems. The developed fuzzy control systems are quasi-optimal in terms of some quadratic performance indices defined in dynamic regimes with respect to the step modifications of the reference input and of four types of disturbance inputs. The method is validated by a case study together with digital simulation results that can correspond to the speed control of a servo system.
Keywords: fuzzy systems, PI controllers, quadratic performance indices, minimization, servo systems, digital simulation
Session slot T-Mo-A04: Fuzzy system analysis/Area code 3e : Fuzzy and Neural Systems