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European Congress of Chemical Engineering - 6
Copenhagen 16-21 September 2007

About ECCE-6

ECCE-6 is the sixth in the series of congresses on chemical engineering launched by the EFCE in 1997 in Firenze, the venue for ECCE-1. Since 1997, ECCE has been organized in France (Montpellier, 1999), Germany (Nurnberg, 2001) and Spain (Granada, 2003). In 2005, the ECCE-5 was combined with the World Congress of Chemical Engineering in Glasgow.

The objective of this biennial congress is to provide engineers, scientists, researchers, technologists, students and others a platform to present their latest results, to interchange ideas, to make new contacts, to establish new collaborations, and many more. The conference addresses the full spectrum of chemical engineering practice, including current trends and future needs.

ECCE-6 Proceedings
ISBN: 978-87-91435-57-9

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