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European Congress of Chemical Engineering - 6
Copenhagen 16-21 September 2007

Abstract 1378 - Computer Based Training in Biochemical Engineering

Computer Based Training in Biochemical Engineering

Educating chemical engineers for coming challenges

Teaching Methods, Techniques & Modules (T6-2)

Prof Volker C. Hass
Hochschule Bremen
Institute for Environmental- and Bio-Technology
Neustadtswall 27b
D - 28199 Bremen

Dr Ralf Pörtner
Technical University Hamburg-Harburg
Bioprocess and Biosystem Technology
Denickestraße 15
D - 21071 Hamburg

Dr Karl-Michael Schoop
Ingenieurbüro Dr.-Ing. Schoop GmbH
WinErs - Didactics
D - 21109 Hamburg

Keywords: Biochemical Engineering, Control, Process dynamics, Education, e-Learning

The requirements on the education of chemical and biochemical engineers with respect to process dynamics and control are increasing. However, the classical methods of teaching (lectures, seminars, practical experiments) are of limited value, in particular if the rapidly increasing number of students in the field of biochemical engineering and biotechnology is considered.

In the project “e-LearnBioTec” a new didactic concept has been developed by the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg and the University of Applied Sciences Bremen In this concept, students are encouraged to actively apply their new knowledge in control and system dynamics using interactive process simulators for cultivation processes (training simulators). An important advantage of this “guided learning by doing” using interactive simulators is that the complexity of the required decisions and actions of the students may be increased stepwise. Thus, the initially required didactic reduction may be minimized step by step without increasing the risk of accidents or dangerous failures in plant operation.

The interactive simulators are programmed on the basis of the commercial process control system WinErs, developed and distributed by the Ingenieurbüro Dr.-Ing. Schoop GmbH, Hamburg. The combination of complex dynamic process models with a modern and flexible process control system leads to a powerful tool for the education of biochemical engineers. Using the industrial style process control system for controlling the real time simulation of a cultivation process, students are able to recognise the consequences of their decisions and actions immediately. The practical experiences with this new form of teaching at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen and the TU Hamburg-Harburg illustrate the benefits of this method for students as well as for educational staff.

As part of the project „e-LearnBioTec“ the developed training simulators for cultivation processes have been included into a wider concept for the education of biochemical engineers. This enables us to present a “blended-learning” concept for the education of biochemical engineers that combines the advantages of classical teaching methods with those of e-Learning and training simulators.

Presented Monday 17, 15:20 to 15:40, in session Teaching Methods, Techniques & Modules (T6-2).

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