PSE'97 / ESCAPE'7, 25-29 May 1997, Trondheim, Norway

Joint 6th International Symposium on Process Systems Engineering and 30th European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering
Organized by PROST, strong point center in Process Systems Engineering at NTNU and SINTEF

The symposium is over but it continues on the web ...

The PSE'97 / ESCAPE-7 symposium was held in Trondheim, Norway during 25-29 May 1997. It was a success, with more than 400 delegates, of which about 150 were from industry. This was the main world-wide event in 1997 in the area of chemical process systems engineering, covering the areas of design and synthesis, control and operations, modelling and simulation, and intelligent systems. From the more than 600 abstracts that were submitted for review, an excellent technical program of about 200 papers was put together. The symposium showed that process systems engineering is by now becoming a mature field with widespread industrial importance.

The proceedings of the conference are published in Computers chem. Engng. , Vol. 21 , Supplement, pp. S1-S1244 (1997). The page number in the session program and author index refer to these proceedings.

  • The old symposium web page (from 25 May 1997)
  • List of participants
  • Author index (with address, phone, fax, email)
  • Review process report
  • Attendance report (preliminary)
  • Experiences with electronic paper review (by Steinar Hauan)
  • Photographs from the symposium
  • A personal report about the meeting from Knut W. Mathisen, Norsk Hydro.
  • Norsk oppsummering
  • Plenary paper by Morari and Lee (postscript), Model predictive contol: Past,present and future.
  • Report from Panel discussion on Industry-academic Interactions -
    Full-length version [word-file] - Short version for Comp.Chem.Engng. [word-file]
  • If you have any comments or additions then please send an email to: Sigurd.Skogestad@chembio.ntnu.no.

    Special issues of Comp.Chem.Engng. and J.Proc.Control

    We were very happy with the scientific quality of our proceedings published in the Suppelement of Computers chem. Engng. , Vol. 21. However, the six-page limitation obviously has its limits, and some of the authors have already (Aug. 1997) been invited to submit full versions of their papers to special issues of Comp.Chem.Engng. and J.Proc.Control (expected publation late 1998). The authors of the remaining papers are free to submit revised versions of their papers to other regular journals (as long as they are sufficiently different, e.g. expanded in length, so they do not conflict with usual copyright rules).

    Upcoming events in the ESCAPE and PSE series

    24-27 May 1998 ESCAPE'8, Brugge, Belgium
    31 May - 02 June 1999 ESCAPE'9, Budapest
    16-21 July 2000 PSE'2000, Colorado, USA
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