Nordic Process Control

Nordic Process Control (NPC)

The Nordic Working Group on Process Control (NPC Working Group) initiates activities in order to strengthen the ties between the Nordic process control communities. One activity of the Working Group is to propose the location, date and organizers of an annual or semi-annual "Nordic Process Control Workshop". The Working Group also awards the "Nordic Process Control Award" to persons who have a made a lasting and significant contribution to the field of process control.

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  • Upcoming NPC workshop:

  • Further into the future:

  • Previous NPC workshops (and organizer) (the three first workshops were held under the name Nordisk Destillasjonsforsknings (NDF) Workshop):

  • Nordic process control award recipients:

    1. Howard H. Rosenbrock (UK) (Aaland, Finland, August 1995) [text]
    2. Karl Johan Ĺstrřm (Sweden) (Wadahl, Norway, January 1997) [text]
    3. F. Greg Shinskey (USA) (Skeviks Gĺrd, Stockholm, 24 August 1998) [text]
    4. Jens G. Balchen (Norway) (Lyngby, Denmark, 14 Jan. 2000) [text]
    5. Charles R. Cutler (USA) (Ĺbo, Finland, 23 Aug. 2001) [text] [Award lecture]
    6. Roger W. Sargent (UK) (Trondheim, Norway, 09 Jan. 2003) [text]
    7. Ernst Dieter Gilles (Germany) (Gothenburg, Sweden, 19 Aug. 2004) [text] [Award lecture]
    8. Manfred Morari (ETH, Switzerland) (Lyngby, Denmark, 26 Jan. 2006) [text] [Award lecture]
    9. Jacques Richalet (France) (Espoo, Finland, 23. Aug. 2007) [text] [Award lecture]
    10. John MacGregor (Canada) (Porsgrunn, Norway, 29 Jan. 2009) [text] [Award lecture]
    11. Graham Goodwin (Australia) (Lund, Sweden, 26 Aug. 2010) [text] [Award lecture]
    12. Lawrence ("Larry") T. Biegler (USA) (Lyngby, Denmark, 26 Jan. 2012) [text] [Award lecture]
    13. James B. Rawlings (USA) (Oulu, Finland, 22 Aug. 2013) [text] [Award lecture]
    14. Rudolf Kalman (ETH, Switzerland) (Trondheim, 15 Jan. 2015) [text] [video]
    15. Wolfgang Marquardt (Germany) (Sigtuna, Stockholm, 25 Aug. 2016) [text] [Award lecture]
    16. Dale Seborg (USA) (Turku (Ĺbo), Finland, 18 Jan. 2018) [text] [Award lecture]
    17. Nina Thornhill (UK) (DTU, Lyngby, Denmark, 22 Aug. 2019) [text] [Award lecture]
    18. Thomas F. Edgar (USA) (Luleĺ University of technology, Sweden, 17 March 2022) [text] [Award lecture]