19th Nordic Process Control Workshop

19th Nordic Process Control Workshop

15-16 Jan. 2015, On the Coastal Steamer "Richard With" from Trondheim to Bodø, Norway.

Organized by the Nordic Working Group on Process Control.

Local organizer: Department of Chemical Engineering, NTNU, Trondheim

Chair organizing committee: Sigurd Skogestad

Welcome! We will have a full ship with 80 participants for the main workshop and more than 40 for the MPC tutorial!

The objective of the workshop is to bring together the Nordic process control community, and to focus the interests of Nordic industry and academia on mutual research goals. The use of the term "workshop" signals that the meeting should be informal in style with ample time for discussions, and it is not expected, for example, that written papers are submitted. Instead, a collection of recent publications from the Nordic countries may be distributed as literature (notes) for the workshop.

Nordic Process Control Award Winner: Professor Rudolph Kalman (unfortunately, he cannot come in person but we have made a nice interview which will be shown)

Some important dates:

NOTE: Please register early. The maximum capacity for the meeting room is 75 people.


Registration fee includes: Cabin w/ breakfast (1 night). Conference dinner, 2 lunches, 3 coffee breaks. For participants at tutorial days: 2 lunches

Please make your own hotel booking in Trondheim for the night 14-15 January + for the tutorial days. One good hotel close to the ship is "Scandic (Rica) Nidelven". Please ask for the University (NTNU) price. You need to make your own bookings to get to Trondheim and from Bodø. At present, there are direct flights from Bodø to Trondheim at 15:05 and 17:40 and to Oslo at 14:55 and 17:30 (all SAS).

Time table MPC Tutorial Days (PFI building, Høgskoleringen 6B, Trondheim, Department of chemical engineering, NTNU)

Please bring your laptop with Matlab or Octave.

Tuesday 13 Jan. 2015

Wednesday 14 Jan. 2015

Time table NPC workshop

Wednesday 14 Jan. 2015 (Trondheim) Thursday 15 Jan. 2015 (on ship)

The ship leaves from Pier I at Brattøra. The closest bus stop is Pirbadet (Clarion Hotel).

Friday 16 Jan. 2015 (on ship)
Welcome to Trondheim!

More on preliminary plans (with photos and maps)

More on the Nordic process control working group

Further questions, please send email to: npc15@chemeng.ntnu.no