Distillation research and models

Sigurd Skogestad

I have worked on distillation (both batch and continuous) since about 1980 -- on design (steady-state), modelling, dynamics and control. If you do not know much about distillation, then the following paper dealing with the steady-state behavior and design of continuous distillation may be useful: The following paper covers control of distillation columns: In addition, the following paper provides an introduction to dynamics and control of distillation columns: The following paper covers the literature up to about 1991 very well:

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Matlab files

A lot of our work has been related to the dynamics and control of "Column A" (41 stages;, relative volatility 1.5; 99% purity; liquid flow dynamics; constant pressure): In addition, there are some other column models:

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More information on MATLAB Distillation column model ("Column A")

You can here find nonlinear and linear dynamic models of a distillation column for use with MATLAB and/or SIMULINK. The models are for the 4x4 "open-loop" (uncontrolled) column, as well as for the LV, DV, and L/D-V/B-configurations. The following assumptions are used: Binary mixture; constant pressure; constant relative volatility; equlibrium on all stages; total condenser; constant molar flows; no vapor holdup; linearized liquid dynamics, but effect of vapor flow ("K2"-effect) is included. These assumptions may seem restrictive, but they capture the main effects important for dynamics and control (except for the assumption about constant pressure).

The column has 40 theoretical stages and separates a binary mixture with relative volatility of 1.5 into products of 99% purity. It is relatively easy to change the model parameters and to simulate another column.

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