Rune Haugseng


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    To appear in Journal of the Institute of Mathematics of Jussieu
  14. ∞-operads as analytic monads (with David Gepner and Joachim Kock)
    To appear in International Mathematics Research Notices
  15. Homotopy-coherent algebra via Segal conditions (with Hongyi Chu)
    To appear in Advances in Mathematics


  1. ∞-operads via symmetric sequences
  2. Algebras for enriched ∞-operads
  3. On lax transformations, adjunctions, and monads in (∞,2)-categories
  4. Free algebras through Day convolution (with Hongyi Chu)
  5. On (co)ends in ∞-categories
  6. On distributivity in higher algebra I: The universal property of bispans (with Elden Elmanto)
  7. A parametrized mate correspondence for ∞-categories
    This will eventually be merged with arXiv:2011.11042.


Weakly enriched higher categories (30 April 2013)

Warning: This contains a number of non-trivial errors. In any case, essentially everything in here can now be found in a much nicer and (as far as I know) correct form among the papers above.