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Geology exhibit at NTNU, Gløshaugen   (Norsk versjon)
        now with hundreds of pictures of rocks and minerals on the web!

Tromsø museum (University of Tromsø),   Bergen Museum (University of Bergen),  Mineralogy-Geology and Paleontology Museums (University of  Oslo) all have excellent geology exhibits.
Vitenskapsmuseum (NTNU)  has no geologist or geology exhibit, but has a nice little mineral exhibit that inspires many visitors.

The richest exhibit of minerals, crystals, rocks and meteorites north of Dovre is also in Trondheim, at
NTNU's Geology building  at Gløshaugen!
                                                            Here is a map showing the NTNU-Gløshaugen building "Geologi", Høgskoleringen 6.

The doors are open to the public five days a week, from  8 to 15.45,  and the exhibit is free.
(But don't get a parking ticket: there is almost no guest parking available at Gløshaugen!)

The exhibit is 70 m2.

It includes:

        Click here for a complete list of web pictures of the150 rock samples in the rock display wall.         Click here for index-lists of samples in 4 of the glass cases.  From the lists you can click to see internet pictures of  all the samples.
        Display shelves 1-4        Display shelves 5-8        Display shelves 9-12       Display shelves 13-16

The exhibit includes:

Meteorites, including a Norwegian meteorite that fell on Tromøy i Aust Agder i 1950.
Silver crystals from the historic Kongsberg silver mine (thread-silver, plate-silver, moss-silver, etc..)
Gold-bearing rock from Australia
Dinosaur egg and fragments of  large dinosaur bone from the south of France
Jurassic leaf fossils from the bottom of Beitstadsfjorden (Trondheimsfjorden).    Did Jurassic dinosaurs eat such plants?
Shell fossils, 10 000 years old.  Fossils like these can be collected many places in the Trondheim area.
Important Norwegian geological resources through the years, such as:
    Kongsberg silver
    Trønder copper ore from the historic Røros and Løkken mines
    North-sea oil.
    Polished Norwegian rocks (trondhjemite, larvikite, Fauske marble, Otta slate, etc.)

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