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Telephone extension numbers

It is very satisfying to know ALL the telephone numbers of the people you work with.  You are no longer dependent on your phone list or your programmed telephone.  It may take a few hours for you to use the Peewee Web Pseudonumer to make a long list of silly pseudonumes for a series of extension numbers, but you will have fun doing it.   It is fun to label (or insult) your colleages by making silly pseudonumes for them.  Once the list is made, it can be used by anyone at the institution (anyone who knows how to pseudospell).  Presenting, explaining and improving such a list can be entertainment at a social gathering.

It is only fun to make pseudonumes for people that you know personally, so reading the lists below might not seem so interesting.  The first is a list of personal names, the second is a list of phone numbers at a major newspaper.

(Didn't learn the pseudonumerals?  Learn to pseudospell now!)

Extension numbers of geologists and other colleagues at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, in Trondheim, Norway
These extension numbers mostly have only two digits, but in a few cases the last three or four digits must be pseudonumed.
Bjørge B.
  Full number
  Ext. No. 
  Silly words  How I remember the words for each person
  Window  Bjørge's window faces mine.
Einar B.   73594816   16   Ditch   Einar is an engineer designing tunnels and ditches.
Sverre Ola J.   73594827   27   Wink  Sverre Ola gives a wink as he answers my questions.
Allan K.   73594803   03   Swim  I must swim through my terribly cluttered office
Stephen L.   73594828   28   Envoy   Stephen from the UK is an envoy to Norway
Erik L.   73594847   47   Erik   Erik is himself.
Terje M   73584839   39   Maybe   Terje, the boss, says "maybe" when evaluating an application
Arne M.   73594848   48   Reef  Arne lives on a farm on a high ridge, which I think of as resembling a reef.
Kai N.   73594849   49   Rope  I imagine Kai jumping rope in his office.
Bjørn N.   73593819   19   Tuba  I imagine Bjørn playing a tuba in his office.
Tore P.   73594806   06   Switch  I imagine Tore, on the ground floor, controling the light switch for the entire building.
Kåre R.   73594818   18   TV  I imagine Kåre standing on a TV when giving his lectures.
Knut S.   73594912   912   Bathing  Knut and I went bathing at the department meeting in Rica Hell Hotel.
Richard S.-L.   73594837    37   Mike  I imagine Richard talking through a microphone in the lunch room.
Krister S.   73594809   09   Spy  Krister, from Sweden, is probably a spy.
Frank V.   73594808   08   Sofa  I imagine Frank sitting at a sofa looking through his microscope.
Roar S.   73590225    0225    Son-in-law  I think of Roar, one of my students, as a son-in-law.
Henrik S.   73594832   32   Immune  I am "immune" to the Danish that Henrik speaks.
Lasse T.   73594840   40   Horse   A horse is grazing in Lasse's office.
Office (Reidun)    73594843   43   Arm The long arm of the law (business office) reaches out to all
Anne Britt   73594800   00   Oasis  Anne Britt's office, with its sofa group, is an oasis in the Berg-building
Marit S.   73594967   967   Bushwack  Marit bushwacks through administrative red tape for us.
Irene By   73594894   94   By-"Bro"   "Bybro" is the famous old bridge in Trondheim
Birger H.   73594802    02   Sauna  I imagine Birger's office as a hot sauna
Aina M.   73594804   04   Cirri  I think of Aina, the parachutist, jumping from up in the cirri.
Randi S.   73594820   20   Hens  I think of a row of hens nesting on Randi's high reception desk.
Elin J.   73594825   25   Nail  I think of Elin writing with a nail instead of with a pen.
Arne H.   73594853   53   Lime  I imagine Arne using the rock crusher to squeeze a lime.
Einar B.   73594968   968   Push off  Einar, our computer technician, pushes a computer off his desk.
Anne Irene J.   73593343   3343    Mummy room  A mummie is in Anne Irene's office.
Prep. Lab   73594813   13   Team  Kalle and Arild are the team (dynamic duo) working in this lab.
Dept. Library   73594836   36   Mush  I imagine the library books sitting in mush.
Fax number   73594814   14   Tear  Tear a fax page to pieces.
Endre S.   73594991   991   Puppet  I imagine Endre manipulating a puppet using his computer keyboard.

(One example-list of personal extension numbers will  have to be enough.  I have made lists of this type for several other institutions, but I don't think that they would appreciate having their lists of pseudonumes posted here!)

Telephone numbers for the newspaper Adresseavisen.
These numbers appear in the newspaper each day.
They all start with 7250.  A pseudonume for this is: Canals.
A major newspaper is like Amsterdam or Venice, with canals of communication.
The first four digits of these numbers
7250- - - -
 Canals SOS-SOS! Call this number for assistance
Tips telephone 72505050  "Lies! Lies!" Someone phones in a hot tip that isn't true.
The other numbers all begin with  72501- - -  This is CanalsTo:
Editor telefax 72501500  Canals to Ulysses  The Greek hero Ulysses is the editor receiving faxes.
Classified ads 72501050   Canals to Cells These little 3-line ads look like cells in the paper.
Business ads 72501990  Canals to Pipes Big businessmen smoking pipes...
Fax for ads 72501754  Canals to a Gallery The faxed ads are hung up in a gallery
Subscriptions 72501010  Hostess As a restaurant or hotel hostess, this office registers customers.
Delivery 72501878  Have a Coffee The hostess distributes coffee to the customers.
Main editors 72501513  Owl team  The editors are a team of wise owls.
Financial editors   72501554  Wool Lira The money experts are counting Italian Lira made of wool.
Culture editors 72501546  All Eurasia Cultural events from all Eurasia are newsworthy.
Sports editors 72501620  Genies Sports heroes, as Aladdin's genies, can do anything.
"The Final Word" 72501517  Late Echo  This topic comes at the end of the paper as an echo.

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