Hello, welcome to Guoyuan Li's homepage

Guoyuan Li (M’14--SM'19) received a B.Sc. degree and an M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from Chongqing University, China in 2006 and 2009, respectively. In 2013, he received a Ph.D degree from the Institute of Technical Aspects of Multimodal Systems (TAMS), Department of Informatics, University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany. From 2014, he started a postdoctoral work at the Intelligent Systems Laboratory, Department of Ocean Operations and Civil Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway. He is currently a professor of ship intelligence at the Department of Ocean Operations and Civil Engineering, NTNU, Norway.

Guoyuan has been involved in both teaching and research at NTNU. He has used half of his workload for teaching. He is very fortunate to have extensive teaching experience from various courses at both bachelor and master levels, such as:

Time Course
08/2022-present IP505245 "Applied AI and control"
08/2020-08/2021 IP505314 "Machine learning for ship autonomy"
08/2018-12/2019 IP505314 "Man-machine-interaction and usability testing"
08/2017-present IP304814 "Introduction to Mechatronics"
01/2017-present IP501508 "Mechatronics, robots and deck machines"
08/2016-present IP500515 "Modelling and simulation of dynamic systems"

From 2017, Guoyuan started to supervise students for their bachelor/ master theses. Later, he and Professor Houxiang Zhang jointly supervised two doctoral candidates. In 2019, Guoyuan as the main supervisor started his first Ph.D supervision. The following is a list of his supervision experience.

Time Supervision topic
10/2020-present PhD supervision on data analysis and modelling for on-board support of marine operations
10/2020-present PhD supervision on model-based control and optimization for ship maneuvering in complex spatial environments
08/2020-present PhD co-supervision on modeling and simulation of sea farm environment
08/2019-10/2022 PhD supervision on human-in-the-loop control and onboard support system
08/2019-06/2022 PhD co-supervision on data mining for onboard support of maritime operations
08/2019-06/2022 PhD co-supervision on intelligent and flexible domain models for digital twins of maritime design and operation
01/2017-06/2020 PhD co-supervision on sensitivity analysis of ship motion
06/2018-12/2018 Master thesis supervision on visual focus analysis and evaluation
01/2018-06/2018 Master thesis supervision on simulation and modelling of snake-like robot
01/2018-06/2018 Master thesis supervision on sensor fusion for human fatigue assessment
01/2017-06/2017 Master thesis supervision on underwater robot development
01/2017-06/2017 Bachelor thesis supervision on screw-less snake-like robot development

In addition to teaching, Guoyuan also puts effort into scientific research. His research interests mainly lie in digitalization, control, optimization & artificial intelligence. More specifically,

  • In marine operation: Modeling and simulation of ship maneuvering, data analysis of ship motion data, ship trajectory planning, dynamic positioning, optimization of force allocation, and ship motion prediction;
  • In robotics: Bio-inspired robots, Central Pattern Generators for gait generation, Adaptive locomotion control;
  • In human-machine interaction: Visual focus analysis.

In these areas, he has published over 60 papers. For more information, please visit my publications