Damiano Varagnolo

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Department of Engineering Cybernetics
Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim
Office: Elektro D/B2, D233, Gløshaugen
Phone: +47 481 28 922
Email: damiano.varagnolo@ntnu.no
Skype: damianovar
RTM: damiano.varagnolo+f049ea@rmilk.com (instructions)
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orcid: 0000-0002-4310-7938
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Current PhD students as main supervisor

Roya Doshmanziari: Cybernetics approaches for personalized biofeedback

Hans Alvar Engmark: systems-theoretic approaches for bridging equations-based and data-driven modelling techniques

Behdad Aminian: Distributed statistical estimation and numerical optimization techniques for Autonomous Underwater Fleets

Håvard Bjørkøy: Big Data Cybernetics

Current PhD students as co-supervisor

Emil Wengle: Underwater acoustic communication protocols for autonomous underwater fleets

Simon Andreas Hagen Hoff: Distributed communication-aware path planning for autonomous underwater fleets

Thomas Nakken Larsen: Reinforcement learning algorithms for path planning tasks

Haakon Robinson: Enhancing the Explainability of Artificial Intelligence Algorithms

Azadeh Aghajanpour: Data-driven lithology estimation

Kurdistan Chawshin: Automated lithology classification employing whole core CT scans

Spyridon Chapaloglou: Energy Management and Control of Offshore Platforms Integrating Renewable Energy

Abdallah Alshantti: Machine learning algorithms for money laundering detection