At the Biopolymer NMR Lab we employ a wide variety of analytical biochemistry and biophysical techniques. These include NMR, ITC, Circular Dichroism, SEC-MALS, HPAE-PAD, as well as standard molecular biology laboratories for protein and carbohydrate production and purification.

We have access to NMR instruments through the NMR Laboratory at the NV Faculty🔗

NMR Instruments

Bruker 800 MHz Avance III HD equipped with a 5-mm cryogenic CP-TCI z-gradient probe and SampleJet

Bruker 600 MHz Avance III HD equipped with a 5-mm cryogenic CP-TCI z-gradient probe and SampleCase

Bruker 600 MHz Avance NEO equipped with a 5-mm TBO iProbe and SampleCase

Bruker 400 MHz Avance III HD equipped with a 5-mm SmartProbe z-gradient probe and SampleCase

Bruker 80 MHz Fourier with 1H and 13C detection

Protein production and purification

Epiphyte3 LEX™ Bench-Top Bioreactor System for protein production.

ÄKTA FPLC instruments for protein purification.


VP-ITC MicroCalorimeter

Applied Photophysics qCD Chirascan

Polysaccharide characterization

SEC-MALS chromatography

HPAEC-PAD Dionex BioLC system


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