Et svar ut i natta

Ola Lars Andresen (
Thu, 1 Apr 1999 05:40:07 +0200

Jeg har fått en del meldinger fra en adresse i Beograd. Greit nok, siden
avsenderen ikke veit hvem jeg er. Og så veit jo ikke jeg om det er aktivist,
en vanlig privatperson eller en del av propagandaapparatet som jeg får
meldinger fra. I natt sendte jeg en tilbakemelding. Kanskje noen av dere er
interessert i å lese hva jeg skreiv:

Hi Viktor

[. . .]

I've been wondering who you are. Are you operating on your own, or are you
part of an organization? I'm following the news more or less around the
clock. You are one of the few contacts I have in Serbia. Please, feel free
to give me your personal views, or share your experiences with me. Here,
Easter is up, it's actually holiday for most people. I have several days to
prepare an analyses of the International Law situation. I share the point of
view that the military attacks by NATO violate international law, while the
massacres and inhuman treatment of any minority by any government or power
automatically violate humanitarian law. So there are illegalities on all
sides. And as in every war, most civilians are just decent, if not innocent
people. I mean, who are innocent in a world like ours. I have some 20 years
of close experience with wars in The Middle East and Africa. I lived for
almost ten years in occupied Palestine, in the West Bank and in Arab East
Jerusalem. I've been studying the torture issue. I've been studying the
brainwashing issue. A Jewish psychologist once told me he got his greatest
shock when he found out that professional torturers love children and are
proud of their work. I talked to death squad members who claimed they saved
more lives than they exterminated. Worst of all, I talked to so many people
convinced of knowing the truth and the whole truth.

As a former journalist I know how hard it can be to investigate facts, and
for the same reason I know that even facts can conceal the truth.
I always voted NO in referendums on the issue of Norwegian membership in the
EU. One of the reasons for that is the fate of the former Yugoslavia. When
the Berlin wall fell, I wrote a long commentary in a Danish daily I worked
for at the time, telling my readers I would give it a YES next time around,
since I would do nothing to hamper a true European integration. But it didn’
t take long before I had to ask them to put a new commentary in print,
saying oh NO, this is not MY Europe. My reasoning? My reason to hold on to
my NO, was the breaking up of your federation, which in my view only
happened because German economic interests told the German government to
work hard to pull Slovenia out, then of course also accepting Croat
independence, and to force this view on the EU as a whole.

I tell you this in order to give you some idea of who I am. If you want to
exchange views and information, you are most welcome. You can also give my
e-mail address to others.

Keep up the work. Do you guys know that the Christian-Democratic premier of
this country even refused to name it a war?


ola (and in spite of what you probably believe, in my language my name is
given to male babies only)