Chemists that became famous for other reasons.

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Martin Ystenes
Name Country Known as Chemistry career
Elena Ceaucescu Romania Wife of Nicolae Ceaucescu
Margaret Thatcher U.K. Prime minister  Chemistry Part I and Part II at Oxford University, had a chemical employment under her maiden name.
Cindy Crawford USA Model Received a scholarship to study chemical engineering at
Northwestern. Not completed.
Knute Rockne (Knut Rokne) USA American football player and coach. One of US's greatests sports heroes ever. I think he was originally hired at Notre Dame to teach Chemistry. 
Aleksandr Borodin Russia Composer (1833-1887) Studied chemistry by professor Bunsen i Heidelberg. Professor at the medicine academy of St. Petersburg from 1862, head of chemical education from 1874. Approx. 40 chemical papers published. First to study the aldol condensation reaction.
Primo Levi Italy Novelist (1919-1987)
Elias Canetti Austria Novelist (1905-94) Nobel Prize winner 1981 PhD in chemistry.
Ignacy Moscicky Poland President before World War II He was a professor of chemical technology, invented and worked out the method of nitric acid synthesis from air nitrogen and oxygen.
Isac Asimov USA Famous Sci. Fi. writer
Dolph Lundgren  USA Actor Masters degree in chemical engineering, Fullbright scholar at MIT. 
Kurt Vonnegut  USA Novelist (1922-) Enrolls 1940 at Cornell University as a biochemistry major.
Chaim Weizmann Israel First president of Israel Professor of chemistry in Manchester. Weizmann institute, named after him, founded in Palestina before WW II.
Doug Wilder USA former governor of Virginia
Frank Capra
Film director, mainly before World War II
College degreee in Chemical Engineering, ca. 1920.

Finn Hvistendahl  Norway Politician and industry tychoon Diploma in chemistry/chemical engineering, NTH, Trondheim.
Karl Petter Løken Norway Football player (Norway, Rosenborg, Stabæk) and commentator in TV (NRK) Diploma in chemistry/chemical engineering, NTH, Trondheim. Practiced at Statoil research center, Trondheim.
Kjell Stahl Norway "Direktør for arbeidsdirektoratet, tidl. statssekretær" Ph. D. in inorganic chemistry, NTH, Trondheim
Henning Meyer Johansen Norway Artist - known for his detailed drawings of several Norwegian towns Educated and practiced as technician at NTH, Trondheim

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