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Curriculum vitae for Martin Ystenes

Sivilingeniør (M. Sc.)

Department of Industrial Chemistry (Now: Department of Chemical Engineering), The Norwegian Institute of Technology, Trondheim, 1980.
Title of diploma: Dispersions of Oligomers.
Supervisor: Professor John Ugelstad.

Dr. Ing. (Ph. D.)

Department of Inorganic chemistry, The Norwegian Institute of Technology, Trondheim, 1986.
Title of thesis: Vibrational analysis of ethyl benzoate and its titanium tetrachloride complexes.
Supervisors: Professor Harald A. Øye and Professor Erling Rytter.


Visiting scientist at

  • University of Massachussets, Amherst, MA USA. 1990. Host: Professor J.C.W. Chien. Want me to prove it?
  • Technische Universität, Clausthal, Clausthal-Zellerfeld (Harz) Germany, 1992. Host: Professor W. Brockner.

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