Martin Ystenes

Graduate course DIK3014: Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

Those who plan to follow the course should contact Martin Ystenes

Curriculum, spring 2003.

From Huheey, Keiter and Keiter: Inorganic Chemistry, 4. edition
The whole book, except:
Chapter 14     (Some descriptive chemistry of the metals)
Chapter 19     (Should be read, biut details not required)
Note: Appendix C is the only place where basic term symbols are exlained, hence it is also included in the cirriculum

Curriculum is about 600 pages plus about 200 pages in chapters 1 - 8 assumed to be know.

From E.A.V. Ebsworth, D.W.H. Rankin & S. Cradock: Structural Methods in Inorganic Chemistry

Chapter 2. NMR.                                                   28-43.                                        (15 pages)
Chapter 3. ESP and NQR.                                     115-120; 130-134.                     (11 pages)
Chapter 5. Vibrational Spectroscopy.                     173-181; 190-196; 199-202.      (19 pages)
Chapter 6. Electronic and Photoelectronic.              255-267.                                     (13 pages)
Chapter 7. Mössbauer.                                           304-312; 322-326.                     (14 pages)
Chapter 8. Diffraction methods.                               331-345.                                    (13 pages)

From J.A. Duffy:

Chapter. 4. Bonding in ionic, covalent and metallic materials.   99-130. (32 pages)

P.W. Atkins: Molecular quantum mechanics:

Chapter 1. Historical Introduction.
Chapter 2. The Schrödinger Equation.

A. Vincent: Symmetry and group theory: A programmed instruction.

Recommended for learning to use symmetry.