Peter Svensson
Professor in electroacoustics

Telephone: +47 73 59 05 46

Location: O.S. Bragstads plass 2B, room B239

Department of Electronic Systems
NTNU - Norwegian University of Science and Technology
NO-7491 Trondheim



Master's course no. TTT4170: Audio Technology
Master's course no. TTT01: 3D-sound and sound in multimedia applications (course web page) Not taught from 2015
PhD course no. TT8302: Room Acoustics, link to the course web page
Master's course no. TT3010: Audioteknologi og romakustikk
Master's course no. TTT4280: Sensorer og instrumentering
Master's course no. TFE4101: Krets- og digitalteknikk
Master's course no. TFE4112: Elektriske kretser
PhD students
  Nima Darabi
  Bård Støfringsdal
  (2018) Tron Tronstad, thesis "Hearing protection goes digital"
  (2016) Bjørn Kolbrek, thesis "Extensions to the mode matching method for horn loudspeakers"
  (2016) Adam Borowiak, thesis "Quality evaluation of long duration audiovisual content"
  (2016) Co-supervisor for Claudia Moscoso, thesis "Daylighting and Architectural Quality". Main supervisor Barbara Matusiak, Dept. of architectural design, form and color studies
  (2014) Hassan EL-Banna Zidan, thesis "Room and electro-acoustical conditions in video conferencing rooms"
  (2011) Haohai Sun, thesis, "Optimal modal signal processing using spherical microphone arrays"
  (2009) Erik Hellerud, thesis "Transmission of high quality audio over IP networks"
  (2009) Audun Solvang, thesis "Representation of high quality spatial audio"
  (2009) Co-supervisor for Paul Calamia, thesis "Advances in edge-diffraction modeling for virtual-acoustic simulation", Princeton University. Main supervisor Tom Funkhouser
  (2002) Co-supervisor for Rendell Torres, thesis "Studies of edge diffraction and scattering : applications to room acoustics and auralization", Chalmers University. Main supervisor Mendel Kleiner


Software and measurement data for download

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