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>Subject: [indigenous_peoples_literature] Martin Luther King of Mexico
>Date: ons 1. sep 1999 04:13

>August 28, 1999.
>Pedro Morant, NAP correspondent
>In 1991, the government of the then Governor of Chiapas, Patrocinio
>Gonzalez Garrido, arrested Father Joel Padron Gonzalez. Padron, the
>priest arrested since the cristero war [a rebellion in Mexico against
>secular laws introduced after the Revolution], spent 52 days completely
>incomunicado, falsely accused, as a political hostage of the
>and cowardly government. The government tried in vain to frighten the
>Diocese of San Cristobal de Las Casas, who had recently opened the "Fray
>Bartolome de Las Casas" Human Rights Center and had been denouncing the
>outrages committed against the indigenous people by the caciques in the
>More than 12,000 indigenous, on Pilgrimage, carrying images of saints
>of the Virgin of Guadalupe, arrived at the state capital demanding the
>RELEASE of Father Padron. The mobilization by international civil
>also pressured the government to release him.
>Eight years later, this same priest, episcopal vicar of the Tzotzil
>and the Parish of Simojovel, risking his own life, is taking on a
>role, calling on President Zedillo's conscience at every critical moment
>throughout these years, since the "Ya Basta" of this dignified people of
>true men and women.
>In 1995, during a homily given by Father Padron at the cathedral in
>Seattle, Washington, Mons. Ryan, the Rector of the Cathedral, said that
>Father Padron was the Martin Luther King of Mexico. He was referring to
>the prophetic role of the civil rights defender and martyr of the
>African-American people in the United States.
>The moment in Mexico is very difficult. Women, old ones, children, are
>defending their dignity and their autonomy with their hands, with
>with stones, because the word - with which they have been trying to
>themselves - is no longer being heard. Those who are attacking them,
>with bullets...they come with armored vehicles, with tanks, with bomber
>planes. Those who are attacking the very first Mexicans are those who
>put on the uniform in order to defend national sovereignty. Today,
>however, they are pointing their weapons against their unarmed peoples,
>order to guarantee profits for foreign investment.
>God, soften the hearts of those who govern!!
>Complete text of the letter from Father Joel Padron to President
>Parish of San Antonio de Padua
>Simojovel de Allende, Chiapas
>CGFP 22/99
>Request for Intervention for Peace
>Wednesday, August 25, 1999.
>Dr. Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon
>President of the Republic of Mexico
>National Palace
>Mexico, D.F.
>Mr. President:
>In reponse to the threat of a difficult day - perhaps as, or more,
>difficult than these days we are living through - with real hope,
>everything, allow me to say to you:
>That the pain of the campesino people of the Comitan region was very
> I saw it, and I accompanied them for a little more than nine years.
>the pain of the indigenous people of the Simojovel region, whom I now
>serve, was much more intense. I also told you that the pain of the
>indigenous people of the Canadas - where your army is now heading - can
>longer be measured...
>Today, those of who love peace, are anxiously seeing that this pain
>come to turn into death. If this were to come to pass, night would
>descend over the Patria.
>I am encouraged that I am able to tell you that we still have time to
>all violent paths, and to build, through the path of words and of
>the new Mexico of justice and of peace, for which we all continue to
> What you stated in your recent message to the country is true: "The
>people of Mexico do not want a repressive, arbitrary, or authoritarian
>government." (La Jornada, 8/23/99)
>With the Diocese of San Cristobal de Las Casas in a day of prayer, I
>on the God of Peace, that we may all be capable of responding now to the
>pain and the hope of this people.
>Joel Padron Gonzalez
>Parish of Simojovel
>General Co-director: Susana Saravia (antes Anibarro)
>Director NAP-Europa: Darrin Wood
>Director of Alternative Communications NAP Mexico-USA:
>Rodrigo Bengochea-Mexico.
>Co-direccion general: Susana Saravia (antes Anibarro)
>Director NAP-Europa: Darrin Wood
>Director de Comunicacion Alternativa NAP Mexico-USA:
>Rodrigo Bengochea-Mexico.
>Winds of War and Repression
>Mexico, D.F.
>August 25, 1999.
>To the people of Mexico
>To the peoples of the World
>To the National and International Press
>The winds of War and Repression that are emanating from the lands of the
>Powers are threatening in every corner of our country. In the
>in the brother state of Chiapas, and in the center, in the highest
>university, the UNAM.
>Most seriously, these winds are going to the extreme of wanting to
>the voices of we who are saying, "STOP THE WAR," and they are
>with their word of war and destruction.
>At dawn today, upon leaving the sit-in at the Angel de la Independencia,
>companero Diego Garcia's car was struck by a white "Stratus," without
>license plates, with the obvious intention of attacking him. When he
>out of his car, our companero was only able to hear,"FOR CHIAPAS, FIRST
>CALL," while fleeing from his attackers. It should be noted that the
>previous day he had been followed by a similar car.
>We are making a call to Civil Society in general to protest against the
>climate of intimidation they are trying to impose, in response to our
>and public position against the war and in support of our indigenous
>We hold Diodoro Carrasco, the Secretary of Government, responsible for
>assault or attack against our companeros.
>Javier Elorriaga
>Enrique Avila
>fzln <>
>===========>24 Hour Digital Storm On the Mexican Government.
>August 26th, 1999
>"August is the month of memory, the month of storms."
>--The Zapatistas
>Once More Dear Sisters and Brothers
>We Must Act To End This WAR
>That Dare Not Speak Its Name.
>Once More We Must Do
>Whatever Each of Us
>Can Do to Stop This
>Attack on the Zapatista Communities.
>Therefore We Are Calling for a
>24 Hour Digital Storm
>On the Mexican Government.
>The Storm Will Start At:
>12am (Mexico City Time) On the August 26th, 1999
>and End At:
>12am (Mexico City Time) on August 27th, 1999.
>To Check Your Local Time Zone Go Here:
>The Electronic Disturbance Theater
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>To the Hacktivist Communities
>We Call On You To Do Whatever
>You Can Do Within Your Means.
>Speech Delivered in San Cristobal by Zapatista Support Bases
>Sisters and Brothers of All the Indigenous Peoples
>Of Chiapas and of All Mexico.
>Honest Sisters and Brothers,
>of the Different Sectors of Our Mexican Society.
>Sisters and Brothers of National
>and International Civil Society.
>To the National and International Press.
>Today, August 23, 1999, thousands of men, women, children
>and old ones - Zapatista Army of National Liberation support
>bases from the different municipalities in our State of
>Chiapas - once again find ourselves forced to mobilize,
>to come to this city of San Cristobal de Las Casas,
>in order to protest and to condemn the warlike attitude
>of the illegitimate governments of Ernesto Zedillo and
>Albores Guillen, who never weary of attacking our
>indigenous communities, of provoking division and
>confrontation, among the peoples. On the contrary,
>day after day the military harassment grows, as do
>the threats of war and of death. Day after day,
>the attacks and persecution against our communities
>increase. For example, as is happening right now in the
>Selva Lacandona, and specifically in the Aguascalientes
>of La Realidad and in Amador Hernandez, where our
>companeros and companeras are being threatened with
>death, with destruction, and with being taken to jail.
>They are surrounded at this moment by thousands of
>federal soldiers, judicial police and public security police,
>where they are making life impossible for thousands of
>children, women, old ones and the ill, because the
>combat helicopters and war planes are flying above
>their heads, their communities are surrounded, their
>roads are cut off and blockaded by hundreds of soldiers
>and paramilitaries, so that no one can leave or enter
>the communities.
>Ernesto Zedillo and Albores Guillen - with all of their
>accomplices they call governments and officials - are
>preparing for war and destruction against our indigenous
>peoples who are struggling for their rights, for their
>liberty and for justice.
>Zedillo and Albores speak so much of dialogue and peace,
>but at the same time they are assassinating, attacking indigenous
>communities, persecuting, torturing and imprisoning many
>innocent people, and they have a greater war of extermination
>prepared against the indigenous peoples, who are barely
>surviving from the poverty that does not even allow
>them enough to buy a kilo of tortillas. Against the children,
>who are just dying every day from diarrhea, malnutrition,
>parasites, etceteras. Against the old ones, who are barely
>able now to go out to take care of their basic physiological
>needs, exhausted as they are, from the hard work they
>have done throughout their lives. It is these people,
>and these peoples, whom the government considers to
>be the main enemies of the patria. It is because we are
>demanding a small piece of the patria that will enable
>us to live with dignity, as true children of this Mexican
>country. It is because of this, against these intransigent
>peoples, as the bad government calls them, that so
>many thousands of federal soldiers, public security, judicial
>police, and other repressive groups, have been mobilized,
>with sophisticated weapons, with war tanks, armored
>vehicles, combat helicopters and bomber planes, who
>are harassing and threatening the death and destruction
>of our peoples.
>In order to break the unity and to weaken the organization
>of the peoples, those bad governments have set about provoking
>divisions and confrontations among the indigenous communities.
>In order to buy consciences, those bad governments have
>been handing out charity and promising economic aid under
>conditions that take advantage of the hunger, the misery and
>the ignorance of our indigenous peoples.
>In order to carry out their strategy of war, the bad government
>is using and buying PRIs and some former zapatistas in order
>to prepare a theater of desertion and surrender, passing them
>off as zapatistas who are turning themselves in to the bad government,
>and, then, these misled persons are used to point out the leaders and
>to betray their brothers of the people.
>The alleged development projects for the towns are no more than
>a war strategy, because they distribute crumbs and promise
>economic aid in order to buy consciences and to divide the people.
>They are opening roads in strategic places so that their cars and
>war tanks can enter easily and rapidly in order to destroy the
>indigenous communities.
>The entire war strategy the Zedillo and Albores governments
>are using, they call carrying out the San Andres Accords.
>The handing out of crumbs and the promises those bad
>governments make, they call public works or social
>The intense militarization of our communities, the
>constant harassment and threats of death and persecution,
>the incarcerations and assassinations, Albores and Zedillo
>call social tranquillity or social peace.
>The attacks on our communities, the constant harassment, the
>Assassinations and the massacres of defenseless persons,
>Albores and Zedillo call "the solution of the conflict through
>Albores and Zedillo accuse the EZLN of intransigence and
>irresponsibility, only because we zapatistas do not surrender
>in the face of the threats of death, nor do we allow ourselves
>to be deceived by the bad government's lies.
>The main and real provocateurs, the intransigent ones, the human
>Rights violators, are Roberto Albores Guillen and Ernesto Zedillo
>themselves, and others as well. It is they who, in the name of the
>law and of democracy, are killing, torturing, persecuting, imprisoning
>and waging war against our indigenous peoples, against all the
>workers, against the teachers and students, and against all those who
>desire a new, just and democratic Mexico.
>- We demand an end to the attacks on our communities.
>- We demand an end to the militarization of all
>the indigenous towns.
>- We demand the immediate withdrawal of the
>federal Army and public security from the
>communities of La Realidad, of Amador
>Hernandez, and of all the indigenous
>- We demand the complete carrying out
>of the San Andres Accords, but basta now
>to the blackmail and insults of
>Roberto Albores Guillen and of Ernesto Zedillo.
>Basta now to the many provocation's, attacks
>and threats of war by Roberto Albores and by Zedillo.
>We demand that Roberto Albores no
>longer continue covering our chiapaneco
>soil with indigenous blood.
>We demand respect for our indigenous
>peoples, because we also have the
>right to live and to govern our towns.
>We demand real solutions to the just
>demands of the students and strikers
>at the UNAM, but now no to repression,
>no to the attacks, no to the
>imprisonments, no to persecution, and
>no now to the massacre of students.
>Our brother and sister students of the UNAM who are carrying
>on their just struggle are not alone. Here we are also, thousands
>of companeros and companeras who are making the same demands.
>Lastly, we want Roberto Albores and Ernesto Zedillo to know
>and to hear this well, that we, the zapatista indigenous, are here,
>and here we will continue.
>We will resist with dignity.
>Coordinators of the Demonstration
>New Military Incursion in La Selva
>We hereby wish to call the attention of the international community
>on the tense situation in the Amador Herna'ndez community in the
>Lacandon Jungle of Chiapas. This area is being occupied by hundreds
>of soldiers from the Mexican Federal Army. Since August 12, 1999
>the soldiers have been harassing and intimidating the indigenous
>population and members of the Mexican civil society who had
>gone there in solidarity.
>The facts and context:
>On August 12, 1999, there was a military incursion in the Lacandon
>Jungle, in Amador Herna'ndez community,in the municipality of
>Ocosingo, at the edge of the Montes Azules reserve biosphere.
>Around 500 soldiers of the Mexican Federal Army entered this
>community by land and air with the use of paratroopers. They arrived
>19 kilometers from La Realidad, where Subcommander Marcos and
>commanders of the Zapatista army (the EZLN) were staying.
>Subsequently, two military helicopters transporting another 50
>soldiers arrived. Up to the date of this Urgent Action, the helicopters
>are continuing to fly over this area, some of them are transporting
>equipment and food supplies for the army.
>The army has installed military bases and surrounded the community
>With barbed wire. On Sunday August 15, they fired tear gas at
>the population and at students and teachers from the Anthropology
>and History School and the National Autonomous Mexican
>University (UNAM), leaving 4 people injured. The students and
>teachers were there participating in a national encounter on "Defense
>of the Cultural Heritage, taking place in La Realidad. This encounter
>was convened by the EZLN to discuss government proposal of the
>Cultural Heritage General Law, that seeks the privatization of the
>historical heritage. After finding out about the military incursion,
>the students and teachers walked 12 hours to Amador Herna'ndez
>to observe and witness the events.
>The authorities are about to release arrest orders against the Mexican
>students who formed part of the observation civil camp in Amador
>Herna'ndez for the following offenses: instigating violence, obstructing
>public roads, kidnapping and attacking the army. Anti-riot squads and
>various federal and state security corps already installed checkpoints
>at the entrance of the state capital and on the roads leading to the
>Highlands and the Jungle region in order to stop caravan members
>that are now coming from various regions of Mexico to observe
>the events in the aforementioned community, in order to stop them.
>Furthermore, the federal and state governments are carrying out a
>Strong campaign to discredit and slander the students through a wide
>range of regional and national mass media. They are portraying
>them as "ultras" or extremists of the striking student movement
>at UNAM and accusing them of "manipulating" the indigenous.
>Those who returned to San Cristo'bal de lasCasas were intimidated
>at the checkpoints on their return. It is obviousthat this participation
>of other sectors of the Mexican civil society from other areas of the
>country who are taking part in activities or encounters with the
>EZLN or the formation of an observation civil camp in indigenous
>community in Chiapas is not acceptable the federal government.
>In the meantime, the State Governor, Roberto Albores Guille'n,
>issued a warning that he would not accept the presence of
>anymore national or international observers, since he
>considers them "destabilizing" actors. In an official statement,
>he stated, "We, the people of Chiapas, are losing our
>patience... Enough of the blackmail and manipulation...
>[on the part of the]... agitators [who] take
>advantage of the political conflicts and who infect
>the society."
>The arguments that the governmental and military sources use to
>sustain the military presence in Amador Herna'ndez are: The
>protection of the topographers who will be doing the measurements
>for the construction of the road from San Quinti'n to Amador
>Herna'ndez. Yet, according to media and observer sources that
>visited the community, the people of this community do not want
>this road, since it would facilitate the entry of the Army. There
>is an important military base next to the San Quinti'n community.
>Earlier, 6000 militaries arrived to the zone to carry out
>a reforestation campaign in the Jungle (La Selva). This
>campaign was strongly criticized by development,
>environmental, human rights and non-governmental
>organizations who stated that this activity should be carried
>out by civilians.
>The Mexican Army has succeeded again, now under the guise of
>reforestation and the construction of new roads, to successfully
>transfer their military troops, to implement numerous military
>camps, put up roadblocks and other military constructions in
>the conflict zone of Chiapas.
>On the one hand, the government employs an abundant variety
>of discourse in different forms of the media. They state that they
>are seeking a dialogue with the EZLN. However, on the other
>hand, they accuses the EZLN of turning down any possibility
>of talking with the government. This latest military-police
>incursion questions the government's true intentions and
>its willingness to really solve the conflict through dialogue.
>Call for action:
>We consider these latest actions of the Mexican Federal Army
>and the police of adding to and not improving the tense
>climate in Chiapas, nor do these actions promote the
>possibility of a true dialogue. If these kind of operations
>continue, they might cause violent eruptions between the
>security forces and Zapatista solidarity bases. We therefore,
>call upon you to write to the different actors involved. Express
>your concern about the actual situation and ask them in a brief
>and polite way the following:
>To the Chief of the Armed Forces,
>President Ernesto Zedillo:
>to promptly assure the end of the military-police operations
>in the Selva Lacandona as a clear message to promote dialogue
>in order to resolve the conflict in Chiapas
>To the general of the VII Military Region,
>General Jose' Go'mez Salazar:
>to order the immediate return of the
>soldiers to their barracks and that
>the army respect the rights and
>liberties of Mexican citizens
>To the State Governor, Roberto Albores Guille'n:
>to ensure the respect of the national observers'
>constitutional rights of free transit, free association and free
>to ensure the respect of journalists' constitutional rights of free
>transit and free expression
>to ensure the respect of the international
>observers, in accordance with the recent
>United Nation's Declaration (December 1998)
>which affirms the right and duty of any
>person to watch over the fulfillment of human rights
>We furthermore ask you to disseminate
>this information as broadly as possible
>and send a copy of your message to
>the Chiapas State Congress, members
>of the federal Deputy Chamber, and
>to the members of the Commission of
>Concordance and Pacification (COCOPA)
>Presidente de la Republica
>Lic. Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leo'n
>Palacio Nacional
>06067 Me'xico, DF - Me'xico
>Fax: (int - 52) 5 271 1764 / 5 515 4783
>Eje'rcito Nacional Mexicano
>VII Regio'n Militar
>General de Divisio'n Jose' Go'mez Salazar
>Carretera Panamericana, KM 1089
>CP 29000, Tuxtla Gutie'rrez, Chiapas
>Tel./Fax: (int - 52) 961 41666
>Ca'mara de Diputados
>Palacio Legislativo "San La'zaro"
>Av. Congreso de la Unio'n s/n,
>C.P. 15690, Col. El Parque, Me'xico, D.F.
>Fax. (int - 52) 5 208 7863
>Paseo de la Reforma # 10, piso 17
>06018 Me'xico, D.F. - Me'xico
>Fax: (int - 52) 5 140 3288
>Gobernador del Estado
>Roberto Albores Guille'n
>Palacio de Gobierno 1er piso
>Tuxtla Gutie'rrez, Chiapas
>Tel/fax (961) 209 17/124 18
>Congreso del Estado de Chiapas
>Palacio de Gobierno 2o piso
>Tuxtla Gutie'rrez
>The Mexican Government Says No Oil in Chiapas WRONG
>Petroleum Reserve Studies Tabasco-Chiapas
>fields to be completed 1999
>Volume 3, issue #13 - Tuesday, May 06, 1997
>EIA Oil Market Chronology -- March 1997
>The following chronology lists international
>events of potential significance for world
>petroleum markets is offered to you by the Energy
>Information Administration.
>Sources include: Dow Jones (DJ),
>New York Times (NYT), Reuters (REUT),
>and the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).
>March 18
>Independent oil experts suggest that Mexico may have
>overstated the size of its petroleum reserves by as much
>as 30 percent since the 1970s, and indicate that Mexico's
>latest reserves estimates are more in line with outside
>estimates such as the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency's.
>This is based on an analysis of a statistical report, released
>earlier this month, in which Mexico reduced its estimates
>of proven reserves in the Bay of Campeche to 15 billion
>barrels of crude oil and 9.7 billion cubic feet of natural gas
>(from previous estimates of 23.5 billion barrels of crude
>oil and 11.6 billion cubic feet of natural gas in 1996).
>The report was the first Mexican reserves report to be
>audited by independent experts. The Bay of Campeche
>currently accounts for about 80 percent of Mexico's oil
>and natural gas production.
>***Reserve studies of other major petroleum areas
>(including the Chincontepec and Tabasco- Chiapas fields)
>are not expected to be completed until 1999. (NYT)***
>24 Hour Digital Storm On the Mexican Government.
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