Supervisor for Student project work (15 ECTS)

TEP 4520 Industrial Process Technology, Specialization Project

Totally 146 Project works (2004 to 2021)


Name Title
S2022 Flohic, Baptiste Optimization of defrost system for plate ice freezing machine
F2021 Holnes, Elly d'Alcantara Fonseca Effects of boil off reliquefaction in the fuel gas for engines in MEGI LNG carriers
F2021 Skoglund, Sigurd High temperature heat pumps in integrated energy systems
F2021 Lang, Susanne Indoor refrigeration system for snow production - design and optimization
F2020 Hosseini, Seyedeh Fatemeth High Temperature Heat Pump for Industrial Application
F2020 Ophaug, Cathrine Hasz Ground water heat pump in district heating and cooling systems
F2020 Nilsen, Martin Andre Righetti Industrial drying of aluminium production by-products and raw material
S2020 Klevjer, Martin Compressors in High Temperature Heat Pumps Systems
S2020 Ryssdal, Signe High Temperature Heat Pumps in Integrated Energy Systems
S2020 Kasparitis, Darius Hot water heat pump for circulation heating
F2019 Hong, Jeonghee Development and experimental activity for high efficient heat pump dryers
F2019 Inthujan, Rasalingham High temperature heat pumps in integrated energy systems
F2019 Mellbye, Christian Utilizing LNG Terminals for Low Temperature Freezing System for Tuna
F2019 Pooya, Zehtab Jahedi Energy Efficient Two Phase Vane Compressor Utilization Steam
F2019 Tønsberg, Even Kristian Numerical Investigation on the Major Components of Hybrid Absorption/Compression Heat Pumps at High Temperature Operation
F2019 Undheim, Harald Sustainable Snow Production, Storage and Snow Physics
F2018 Prestvold, Kristoffer Analyzing of a heat distribution central with focus on over dimensioning
F2018 Vingelsgård, Erling Design and simulation of sorption based solar ice maker
F2018 Bredesen, Tom André Design and simulation of a small cold storage with NH3 refrigeration system and CO2 as indirect cooling loop
F2018 Espedalen, Benjamin H. Conseptual study of a portable cooling system based on renewable energy for small fruit and vegetable vendors
F2018 Våge, Edvard Modeling a Borehole Thermal Energy System with Solar Collectors and Buffer Storage Tank for Space Heating
F2018 Xiang, Menga Snow Production Systems for Improved Energy Efficiency and Environmentally Friendly
F2018 Lingaas, Simon Johan Natural Working Fluid Mixtures – Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop in Small Heat Exchanger Pipes – Evaporation or
F2018 Korstad, Liv Irene High Temperature Heat Pump in Industrial Application
F2018 Bjørvik, Fredrik Hybrid Absorption/Compression high temperature Heat Pump
F2017 Lin, Liguan Integrated Supermarket Refrigeration for High Temperature Region (Northern China)
F2017 Wan, Liangchen Integrated Supermarket Refrigeration for High Temperature Region (Southern China)
F2017 Aarekol, Jakob Energy Optimization using Heat Pump in a Factory for Sweets (in Norwegian)
F2017 Engh, Erling Air as Working Fluid in Low Temperature Freezers for Fish
F2017 Heimdal, Marianne Energy Efficient and Environmentall Friendly Snow Production at Ambient Temperatures above 0oC
F2017 Lin, Dong CFD Simulation of Complex Ejextor System in Transcritical CO2 Systems
F2017 Storslett, Espen Experimental Investigation of a Heat Pump Assisted Drum Drying System using Propane (R290) as working Fluid
S2017 Lindstøl, Sigurd Investigation of Drying Kinetics of Seaweed and System Design for Seaweed Dryer (in Norwegian)
S2017 Olafsen, Martin Alternative solutions for heat central in the Gimse School, based on ground water as heat source
F2016 Sharma, Kushal Investigation of drying kinetics of seaweeds and system design for seaweed dryer
F2016 Wersland, Maria Byrkjedal Implementation of High Temperature Heat Pumps in Industrial Processes using Natural Working Fluids
F2016 Skogheim Andersen, Anja Beate Ground Water Based Heat Pumps - Utilization of Ground Water for heating and Cooling in Melhus Comunity - Centralized Solutions
F2016 Saxvik, Olav Aarvaag Energy Efficient Freezing System using CO2 as Working Fluids
F2016 Bergwitz-Larsen, Kaja Energy Efficient and Environmental Friendly Snow Production Equipment at Ambient Temperatures above 0oC
F2016 Fernandez, Rosa Puentes Design and Optimization of RSW Chilling System for Salmon Aquaculture
F2016 Bijon, Nicolas Investigation on Influencing Factors for the Efficient Drying of Sea Net Cages in Salmon Aquaculture
F2016 Willing, Theresa Investigation of Efficient Drying of Sea Net Cages for Salmon Aquaculture
F2016 Jiang, Chengyang Improved Energy Efficiency with Solar Panes in Combinations with Cooling / Heating System
F2016 Zhou, Hongyun Modelling of Ground Source System for Heat Pump Operations
F2015 Chen, Song Investigation of heat transfer and pressure drop in small pipes using propane
F2015 Wang, Yuyuan Experimental Investigation of a Heat Pump Assisted Drum Drying System Using Propane (R290) as Working Fluid
F2015 Han, Yi Energy Efficient Supermarket Refrigeration with Ejectors
F2015 Thunes, Thomas Viking Innovativ Optimation of Energy Consumption in Refrigeration Systems - Energy Efficient Refrigeration Systems
F2015 Danielsen, Tobias Development of Small Compact Heat Pump Dryer System for BioBank Materials
F2015 Lillevåg, Stian High Temperature Heat Pumps
F2015 Dieseth, Jon-Brede Rykkje Snow Production Equipment at Ambient Temperature Above 0oC
F2015 Haver Vagle, Bernhard Utilization of Surplus Heat from Snow Producing Machines
F2015 Rossvoll, Petter High Temperature Heat Pumps with Turbo Compressor
F2015 Aarnes, Morten Akre Cost Efficient Industrial Heat Recovery hrough Heat Pumps
F2015 Jokiel, Michael Development of a Dynamic Object-oriented Model for Turbo-Machinery, Applied on Mechanical Vapour Compression
F2015 Danco, Simon Salt diffusion and mass transfer in a 3D food structure
F2015 Wetzel, Daniel Experimental Analysis of the R744 Multi-Ejector Expansion Work Recovery Module
F2015 Herdlitschhka, Timo Energy Analysis of the Ejector Supported R744 Vapour Compression Refrigeration System at REMA1000 Prinsensgate and Rif. POLI in Spiazzo Rendena
S2015 Lund, Robert Hoel Energy and Cost Efficient Heat Recovery from Industrial Processes through Heat Pumps
S2015 Hoff, Aksel Evaluation of Energy Integrated Supermarkets Concepts
F2014 Solberg, Erik Langaard LNG Regasification System with Propane Intermediate Fluid Vaporizer
F2014 Kjellsen, Per Concept description of a Solar-Assisted Heat Pump (SAHP) with photovoltaics (PV) and phase change material (PCM) integrated in heat pump evaporator (e).
F2014 Thue, Dan-Hermann Simulation on falling film evaporation in coil-wound heat exchanger on LNG-FPSO
F2014 Ytterhus, Mikkel Analyse of change in design procedures of heat pump systems in nZEB
F2014 Zhang, Jinrui Theoretical and experimental analysis of different two-phase R744 ejector cycles
F2014 Morshed, Monjur Energy performance of ground coupled CO2 heat pump for buildings
F2014 Kvalsvik, Karoline Energy efficiency in thermal process industry
F2014 Bertelsen, Synne Kathinka Design and measurement of a CO2 refrigeration system with integrated propane subcooler at high air temperatures operations
F2014 Haugsdal, Stine Børslid Design and measurement of a CO2 refrigeration system with integrated propane subcooler at high air temperatures operations
S2014 Jorschick, Holger Measurement and Evaluation of Energy Integrated Supermarkets Concept
S2014 Rudolph, Florian Experimental Investigation of R744 Multi-ejectors for supermarket refrigeration systems
S2014 Merz, Svenja Experimental Investigation of Multi-Ejectors
S2014 Bergland, Martin Glomsli

Evaluation of a hybrid compression-/absorption heat pump process at moderate to high operation temperatures

F2013 Zhao, Geping Solar Driven Power Production Using R744 as Working Fluid
F2013 Chen, Weiqing Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop for New Natural Working Fluids
F2013 Xiong, Jie Use of Ejector to Increase the Energy Efficiency of Heat Pump and Refrigeration Systems
F2013 Ye, Jingjing R744 as Working Fluid in HVAC units for Apartments and Dwellings in Hot and Moderate Climate
F2013 Knoph, Øyvind Lomeland

Further development of an energy efficient and environmentally friendly drum dryer using a heat pump with CO2 as working fluid

F2013 Haddal, Olav Martin

CFD analysis of R744 Ejectors

F2013 Borgås, Anders

High temperature heat pumps applying natural fluids

F2013 Trædal, Stian

Analysis of the Trilateral Flash Cycle for power production from surplus heat

F2013 Arnesen, Arild Nost

Cooling solutions for the first Norwegian series of permanent magnet machines

S2013 Van de Ven, Adinda Evaluation fo Advanced R744 System Configuration for Supermarkets
F2013 Shundelmeier, Jens

Experimental investigation of R744 compressor


Rosset, Claire

Design of R744 Ejectors

F2013 Raiser, Jasmin

Convective drying and sorption characteristics of curd meat cubes

S2013 Nebot, Javier Olivas

The design of the diffuser for a turbo-compressor working with CO2 as working fluid

S2013 Heyse, Christoph

Absorption heat pumping systems for steam production and high temperature drying processes


Beuttel, Tobias

Test facility for supercooling analysis of secondary refrigerant mixtures for the ice slurry production

F2012 Klemsdal, Erik Junge Energy Analysis and Environmental Impact of Current & New Supermarkets
F2012 Jørgenrud, Siri Evironmental Impacts of Current & New Supermarkets, an Energy analysis
F2012 Clad, Lars Cooling Systems for High Energy Efficient Electric Motors
F2012 Berntsen, Malene Rustad CO2 Heat Pump for Chilling of Ice Water / Heating of Hot Tap Water at 85oC
F2012 Bjørneklett, Jonas Ammonia Heat Pump in Single Family House for Space and Hot Tap Water Heating
F2012 Johnsen, Arne Hogstad The Future Supermarket
F2012 Solemdal, Yngve

CO2 Refrigeration Systems for Chilling of Computer and Telephone Units

S2012 Single, Johannes Modification and Laboratory Testing of a Drum Dryer with a CO2 Heat Pump Solution
F2012 Käfer, Timo Heat and Mass Transfer in Micro Wave Assisted Drying of Stock Fish
F2012 Damm, Martin Case Study of EcoCute CO2 Heat Pump System in Low Energy Buildings
F2012 Barba, Alberto Martinez Ultra High Temperature Hybride Heat Pump for Industrial Applications
F2011 Nerum, Lars Kristian

Optimization of Heat Recovery and Heating of Supermarkets

F2011 Brandsar. Jo

Evaluation of Different Expander Technologies for Offshore Rankine Cycles

F2011 Korff, Kristian

Verification and measurements on a 45 bar ammonia heat pump

F2011 Heggestad, Petter Haug

Improved Heating Systems for Supermarkets

F2011 Ingebrigtsen, Vegard System Modeling and Energy Recovery in Fertilizer Production
F2011 Li, Yashuo

Design and analysis of efficient and integrated energy system for Nordic houses

F2011/S2012 Hernandez, Jesus

Energy and Environmental Analysis of Today's and Furure Supermakets

F2011 Hanssler, Joachim Heat and Mass Transfer in Ultrasonic Assisted Drying and Freezing
F2011 Hennig, Jakob Solar Cooling Devices
F2011 Neef, Johanna Heat Recovery in Refrigeration Systems Applying an Ejector
F2011 Lehmann, Christian Development of Life Cycle Climate Performance (LCCP) Tool Including Heating and Cooling of Passenger Compartment
F2011 Rilling, Marcus Survey on Expander/Generator Technologies for Compact Rancine Cycles
F2010 Bolte, Franziska Simulation of Turbo Compressors in a Dynamic System Model
F2010 Hellriegel, Ulrich Experimental Investigation of Different R744 Ejector Geometries
F2010 Knoblauch, Tobias Efficient Storage of Hot Water from R744 Heat Pump Water Heaters
F2010 Mensch, Stefan Complete MAC-LCCP Tool Including Heating and Cooling of Passenger Compartment
F2010 Strizinger, Manuel Investigation of Motive Nozzles for R744 Ejectors
F2010 Elnan, Åsmund Development of a New Heat Pump Cloth Drum Dryer with R744 as working Fluids
F2010 Austebø, Bjørn Heat pumping systems - Energy efficiency and optimizing of the refrigeration cycle
F2010 Gilberg, Astrid Falch Development of a CO2 RSW system onboard a fishing vessel
F2010 Hundseth, Øystein Heat recovery from freezing facilities using ejectors in the top compression stage
F2010 Øygarden, Olav Development of heat pump dryers in sunny areas
F2009 Grüttner, Anton Implementation of Ultrasound in Atmospheric Freeze Drying
F2009 Blank , Sandra Development of a CO2 heat Pump System for a Drum Dryer
F2009 Schaaf, Jacob

Development of new LCCP (Life Cycle Climate Performance) tool for MAC’s

F2009 Humpfer, Frank

Implementation of Multifunctional R744 Ejector test facility


Fuder, Robert

Implementation of Multifunctional R744 Ejector test facility

F2009 Andreassen, Hanne Elisabeth Reversible R744 (CO2) heat pumps applied in public transport
F2009 Hagen, Tore Heat Pumping System for Production of Ice Slurry with Focus on Heat Transfer
F2009 Landøy, Per Agnar Sjøvold Heat Pumping System for Chilling of Fish - Use of Impingement Freezer for Super Chilling


Bakken, Marius

Heat Pump Drying System as New Method for Conservation of Bio-bank Materials


Gade, Henrik

Development of energy efficient drying systems for the clip fish industry using heat pumps


Rumpf, Ingrid

Atmospheric freeze drying with heat pump – Enhanced techniques for reduced drying time at low temperatures


Sætrang, Sondre

RSW systems with CO2 as refrigerant – testing of new system solutions for seawater coolers



Heizinger, Julia

Atmospheric freeze drying with heat pump – Enhanced techniques for reduced drying time at low temperatures


Pettersen, Erlend

Combined Cooling, Heat and Power from LNG terminals


Engebakken, Jon Arve

Optimization of Energy Consumption in Freezing Tunnels - Modelling

F2006 Alvestad, Ståle

Optimale driftsforhold ved tørking av klippfisk i varmepumpetørker

F2005 Fure, Håkon Energieffektive RSW-anlegg med CO2 som kuldemedium


Solheim, Ole Kristian

Optimal energi- og effektbruk i næringsmiddelindustrien

F2005 Sjøvold, Jannicke Utvikling av ny metode for konservering av biobankmateriale
F2005 Lien, Kjersti Energibruk i ny industriell tørketeknologi


F2004 Engh, Fredrik Optimalisering av CO2 varmepumpe i kombinasjon med fluid bed tørke


Vingelsgaard, Geir

CO2 kuldeanlegg for RSW-anlegg på fiskefartøy


Haugland, Magnus

Calanus finmarchicus (raudåte) - konservering og prosessering



Grande, Anett

Kvalitetsegenskaper på tørkede fiskeprodukter - tørkebetingelsenes innflytelse