defence of thesis

Name Thesis title: Role Defended thesis
F2025   Energy Technology Transfere from University to Industry/ Commercialization of Energy Technology Research Results: The Case of Adsorption Refrigeration Technology (USDM) Co-superviser  
F2025 Geremu, Fikadu Design, Manufacture and Performance Test of Small Scale Milk Refrigeration and Pasteurization Unit Co-superviser  


Hamid, Khalid

Experimental investigation and development of oil free compression/absorption high temperature heat pump



F2024 Kheradmand, Azin Thermal stabilization of fish by-products and wastes assisted by heat pumps Supervisor  
F2022 Stebel, Michal Numerical Analysis of Conjugate Heat and Mass Transfere Phenomena in Food Freezing using Hydrofluidisation Impingement Method Co-supervisor  
F2022 Ahrens, Marcel Ulrich Development of a hybrid heat pump at high temperature operations Supervisor  
  Allymher, Ehsan Natural Working Fluids and Mixtures - Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop in Pipes Supervisor F2021
  Smitt, Silje Marie Investigation of Integrated CO2 Systems for Hotels in Cold Climate Co-superviser F2021
F2022 Selvnes, Håkon   Co-superviser  
Terminated Iolanda, Manescu Raluca Heat transfer evaluation for a triple concentric tube heat exchanger for co-current and counter-current flow Co-superviser -
  Bamigbetan, Opeyemi The Development of a Hydrocarbon High Temperature Heat Pump for Industrial Heating Applications Superviser F2018
  Sveen, Svein Erik Artificial Thawing of Seasonally Frozen Ground - Methodes and Models Co-superviser F2017
  Petrova, Inna Drying mechanisms within salted meat products Superviser S2017
  Jin, Zhequan Development of a concept for utilizing CO2 as refrigerant in air conditioning and heat pump systems in combination with ground source storage Superviser S2017


Kaale, Lilian Daniel

Modelling and Ice Crystallization/Recrystallization of Foods in Superchilling Technology




Tolstorebrov, Ignat

A Study of the Ultra-Low Temperature Application for Fish Freezing and Storage




  Mukhatov, Kirill Vladimirowich Green Technology Applying Heat Pump Drying, Modeling and Simulation Co-superviser S2014
  Kus, Bartosz Oil-free Turbo Compressors for CO2 as Working Fluid Co-superviser F2013


Widell, Kristina Norne

Energy Efficiency of Freezing Tunnels - Towards an Optimal Operation of Compressors and Air Fans




Bantle, Michael

Study of High Intensity, Airborne Ultrasound in Atmospheric Freeze Drying




Ustad, Torgeir

A Framework for Modeling Internal Mass Transfer in Atmospheric Freeze Drying




Claussen, Ingrid Camilla

Atmospheric freeze drying: Physiochemical Parameters During Drying