Lecturing in following courses




TEP 4225 Energy and Environment (MSc-course, 7,5 STP)
TEP 4255 Heat Pumping Processes and Systems (MSc-course 7,5 STP)
TEP 4265 Sustainable Food Processing (MSc-course 7,5 STP)
TEP 09 Refrigeration Systems and Components (MSc-course 3,75 STP)
TEP 10 Heat Pumping Technologies in the Food Industry (MSc-course 3,75 STP)
TEP 11 Dewatering and Drying Engineering (MSc-course 3,75 STP)
TEP 4851 Experts in Teamwork - Smart Energy Use (MSC-course, 7.5 STP)
TMR 4137 Sustainable Utilization of Marine Resources (MSC-course, 7.5 STP)
EP 8206 Heat Pumping Processes in the Food Industry (PhD-course, 7,5 STP)
EP 8207 Advanced Dewatering and Drying Engineering (PhD-course, 7,5 STP)
EP 8208 Heat and Mass Transfer in Porous Materials (PhD-course, 7,5 STP)