3D Nautical Charts

Cognitive off-loading by removing the need to make mental rotations when using maps in a conning (driving) situation

(A) Charts and radar displays are normally used in a north-up mode. (B) On this southbound vessel, a desired action to go on the east side of the central island with the cairn (a direction to the right on the chart display) leads to a turn on the wheel in the other direction (port/left). This can be confusing. (C) A conning display with a 3-D chart in a bridge perspective would simplify the decision-making in this situation.



This research commenced after the Sleipner accident in Norway 1999 where a high-speed ferry lost orientation and crashed into a small island. The research question was one of finding better ways of transmitting way-showing information. The screenshot above is from a prototype application made for the doctoral thesis in 2006.



The hypothesis of cognitive off-loading was tested in a series of laboratory maze experiments in 2005, 2007 and 2011. The experimental results clearly confirmed the hypothesis


Technical tests are now conducted to implement practical applications of the research. The image above is from a field test with an Android smart phone app in the Koster national park on the Swedish west coast in June 2015.



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