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We have traitors in the guild!!!!!

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 02, 2007 12:20 pm    Post subject: We have traitors in the guild!!!!! Reply with quote


Mongo TVL Wote:

Anger should sort out it's guild members we have THREE , yes THREE spies in thier guild, reporting player locations, two are very active well known members which seems crazy, and they have some interesting reasons to report on fellow members lol.

We also have one guild member with an alt alliance char in it, who was at their first neffy kill, thanks for gearing him up Very Happy

needless to say MSN is a god send, I dont know why blizzard bothers to make communication impossible ingame...

Dont believe me? then thats fake

Remember you started the whole thing, and then smack talked us aswell, so what did we do? well ofc we kill you, but we also stopped your 40 man raids for a day, yet you had no answer for it.

We have your raid time tables, we have your members giving us info and screenies, we have your VT details, we have access to your private forums, here is a post by there GM when this whole thing started off, they are not allowed to post on their forums concerning our guild because it will make the problem go away lol!

Q u o t e:

Joined: 13 Sep 2006
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Posted: Tue Oct 31, 2006 3:11 pm Post subject: The Valour Legion


Hi People,

Following a couple incidents this Horde guild has declared war on Anger.

This was supported by their leadership by awarding DKP's for Anger member kills. This award is SUBSTANCIAL and equivalent to an MC boss kill.

On side note, killing Neith or Bunny is the equivalent of killing Ragnaros

Now, on to VERY serious matters. This (so far) one sided declaration of war will hinder our ability to move around and, more specifically, to start Raids at the scheduled time.

It will also compromise grinding activities, more so at the individual level - any lone Anger member will be KOS (Kill on Sight) by TVL.

There's another known "enemy" guild that's sure to join TVL in the gankage - One Vision.

The officers were analysing the pros and cons of waging a war against either or both these guilds, however, the recent events (the DKP awards) have changed things.

There are a few things that you must know about engaging in Global war. Global PvP isn't done on most (to my knowledge ALL) European servers as most european players are carebear type - nothing bad about it, just a cultural issue that has to do with the RL World Wars of the past century - only British peeps are more "competitive" than the rest of the industrialized european countries.

Now about the concept of Global war: it has NOTHING to do with what you experience in Battle Grounds. It's largely dependent on intel and organization.

Now what a Global war entails is the following (in short terms):

- less progress in PvE due to the demands of the war effort and the constant harassment we can expect from the horde near raiding spots.

- solo grinding will not be possible at all

- 5men parties will most likely have trouble geting to the instances

- a few members leaving because they don't like Global PvP

- Anger being praised by some Alliance guilds (most likely top notch Naxx guilds that don't have much else to do but wipe in Naxx)

- Anger being hated by some NON-PvP Alliance guilds that are trying to grow and progress into BWL

- Epic forum flame wars that might get personal at some stage

- A very strict set of rules will be in place regarding: who can and cannot be killed, bad language restrictions on public foruns, etc.

This is what TRUE Global PvP means: Click here.

You can also view the TVL thread here

Bear all of this in mind and post your opinion in this thread.


here is the thread on our forums he is talking about, as we dont have private areas apart from officers (duh) -

Their is lots more pics, i'll take stuff from the original fighting when they told us on the forums to 'bring it on you noobs'

It goes on and on, they started this whole thing, then told us to bring it on, so we did, but sadly they have been weighed, they have been measured , and they have been found wanting.

TBFH if my guild showed as much dedication to PvE raiding, as to taking down Anger a peg or two we would be the best guild in the server in that regard, but alas we are sleeping giant-esque slackers Sad

Hope this adds some more drama to the forums!

I guess it's true we have traitor in the guild i guess...
Check all the pics in the quote and in one of them there is an invite to some caracter made by aquiles Confused

If you want to check the message in the realm forum Click Here
May The Force Be With You.

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Joined: 13 Sep 2006
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 02, 2007 2:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Made my first ever post in those foruns - a reply to the moronic TVL members.
The Dog
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Joined: 04 Sep 2006
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 02, 2007 7:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

who is TVL and mongo btw?? mongo is a pretty nice portuguese name^^

cheers guxa

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 03, 2007 1:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Traitors don't deserve to have posts to talk about them!
Kaiku in WoWwiki by Kaiku / Anger in WoWwiki by Kaiku
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