St2303 Medical Statistics
Spring 2010

About the course

The course gives an introduction to statistical modelling and inference in medical research.

Contents: Contingency tables. Repeted measurements (longitudinal data). Missing values. Sequential design. Diagnostic tests. Clinical trials and observational studies. Relative risk and odds ratio. Confounding. Logistic regression. Lifetime analysis. Introduction to Meta-analysis and Bayesian statistics.

Recommended prerequisites: ST0101 Brukerkurs i sannsynlighetsregning / ST0201 Brukerkurs i statistikk/ST2202 Anvendt statistikk, or similar previous knowledge.

Target group: Students in Bachelorprogram in biomathematics, and others with previous knowledge as stated above.


Some of the lectures will be in Norwegian, some in English. Power point slides posted on the web pages will be in Norwegian and English. Textbook, other texts in the cyllabus, and exercises are in English.


Lectures Wednesdays 1215-1400 (KLMED8005) or 1215-1500 (KLMED8006)

Lectures are common with KLMED8005 and KLMED8006 as follows:
Week 2,3,14,15,16: 
Week 4,5,7,10,11,17:


Stian Lydersen, Unit for applied clinical research, NTNU
Office: 6the floor Kvinne-Barn senteret, St Olavs Hospital
Tel 72575428

Other lecturers are listed under
KLMED8005 og KLMED8006

Reference group

To be agreed with the students

Curriculum (”Pensum”)

The lectured material and the compulsory exercises are curriculum. The curriculum list is found below. The students must themselves get the textbook (Rosner). Other material from the curriculum list will be handed out.

Bernhard Rosner: "Fundamentals of Biostatistics", 6th ed. 2005:
Chap. 10.1 - 10.6, 13.1 - 13.8, 13.13, 14.8-14.11

Armitage, P., Berry, G., Matthews, J. N. S.: Statistical Methods in Medical Resarch. 4th edition. Blackwell science, 2002.
page 418 - 440 (From 12.5 "Multilevel models" page 418 to but not including "Generalized estimating equations” page 440) link


Section 18.7 Data Monitoring (page 613-623) link

Schafer, J. L., Graham, J. W. Missing Data: our View of the State of the Art. Psychological Methods, 2002, Vol 7, No 2, 147 – 177 link

Zhou Xiao-Hua, et al. Statistical Methods in Diagnostic Medicine (2002). Wiley. Chapter 1, Chapter 2.1-2.7 and 2.10. link

Normand, Sharon-Lise T: Tutorial in Biostatistics. Meta-Analysis: Formulating, Evaluating, Combining, and Reporting. Statistics in Medicine, 18, 321-359 (1999) link



Some of the exercises require use of statistical software. You can for example use R, Stata, SPSS, or MINITAB. Some examples in the lectures will be given in SPSS.


There will be given 3 exercises to be handed in groupwise, one hand-in per group. With approximately 6 students, there will be only one group. Group supervision (veiledning) Wednesdays 1230 – 1415 in the stated weeks. Note: Admission to exam requires presence at all 3 supervisions, and handing in an approved all 3 exercises.


Exercise 1 (supervision and hand-in week 6)

Exercise 2 (supervision and hand-in week 12)

Exercise 3 (supervision and hand-in week 18)

Exercises count 20% of the final mark, exam 80%

Exercise supervision in Room KBM63, 6th floor Kvinne – barn senteret St Olavs hospital. Take the elevator in the north-east part of the building (near “Store auditorium) to 6th floor, call Stian Lydersen.


Written exam. Exam date 21 May will be sought changed to 2 June 2010. Permitted aids code C, that is:
- specified calculator,
-  "Tabeller og formler i statistikk" (Insititutt for matematiske fag)
- 1 hand written A4 sheet, stamped sheet from Dept of mathematical Sciences, Dept office.

Earlier exams are given below. Note that Sequential design was not part of the cyllabus before 2010.

6 December 2005: Exam
30 November 2006:
3 June 2009: