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B. Wittgens and S. Skogestad ``Multivessel batch distillation - experimental verification'', Proc. symposium Distillation and Absorption 97 (R. Darton, Ed.), 239-248, Maastricht, Netherlands, 8-10 Sept. 1997. Published by IChemE, UK.

The experimental verification of the operation of a multivessel batch distillation column, operated under total reflux is presented. This column configuration, consisting of several column sections and intermediate vessels, provides a generalization of previously proposed batch distillation schemes. We propose a simple feedback control strategy which is capable to achieve a desired product composition in all product vessels, even for widely varying feed compositions. The idea is to use the reflux flow out of each vessel to control the temperature at some location in the section below. The practicality of the proposed control scheme has previously been demonstrated by dynamic simulations, and in this paper we present experimental results from a laboratory scale apparatus which verify these simulations.