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A.C. Christiansen, S. Skogestad and K.M. Lien, ``Partitioned Petlyuk arrangements for quaternary separations'', Proc. symposium Distillation and Absorption 97 (R. Darton, Ed.), 745-756, Maastricht, Netherlands, 8-10 Sept. 1997. Published by IChemE, UK.

The task of providing energy efficient separation arrangements have received considerable attention in the literature. The conventional approach to increasing the process efficiency subscribe to integrating conventional distillation arrangements (indirect coupling). Instead, there has recently been a growing interest in the development of new configurations (unit operations) that offer both operational (energy) and capital savings. Among these we find the Petlyuk or dividing wall columns (direct coupling). In this paper we compare the energy consumption in optimized Petlyuk arrangements with that of optimized sequences of regular columns. Our results are based on simulations using a detailed model. We also introduce a novel column arrangement utilizing both direct and indirect coupling, for which we propose to use also a horizontal partition in order to avoid remixing of already separated components.