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Modeling and control of a continuous bioreactor with cross-flow filtration
Y. Zhao and S. Skogestad,

Proc. 6th International Conference on Computer Applications in Biotechnology, Garmish-Partenkirchen, Germany, May 1995, Publ. by DECHEMA, A. Munack and K. Schugerl (Eds.), 344-348.

This work is based on an industrial application of a continuous bioreactor with cross-flow filtration. In this paper the general features of this application are studied. The control objective for this biochemical process is to maintain cell concentration at a desired high concentration in order to maximize the production of cell mass. In this work a controller-independent controllability measure, the partial disturbance gain (PDG), is used for control structure selection and controllability analysis with respect to disturbance rejection, and we study the possibility of partial control of this bioreactor.