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S. Skogestad and M. Morari, ``A Systematic Approach to Distillation Column Control'', I.Chem.E. Symposium Series, No. 104, A71-A86 (1987) (From Distillation and Absorption 87, Brighton, UK, Sept. 1987).

Abstract. This paper presents a systematic approach to distillation column control. The main emphasis is on the steps which precede the actual controller design, namely the modelling of the column and the selection of the control configuration. By control configuration in this context we mean the two independent variables used for composition control (for example, L and V; D and V , or L/D and V/B ). The steps preceding the controller design are generally the most important, yet, they are not usually discussed in any detail in the academic literature. The goal of this paper is to fill in this apparent gap.