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Wireless sensor networks and cooperating objects

Organizer:Ollero Anibal, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain
Co-Organizer:  Wolisz Adam, Technischen Universität Berlin, Germany
Topic6.4 Components and Instruments
Chair:Ollero Anibal, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain
Time:09:00 - 13:00
Room:University Lecture Room 202a

Today’s technical systems are becoming more and more complex. While in former times, individual entities might often have sufficed to efficiently control such a system, the growing system complexity necessitates the cooperation of individual entities. This is particularly true for embedded systems.

Embedded systems are characterized by their very need to interact with the environment. This interaction can take place in the form of sensing as well as actuation. Because of system complexity, isolated entities can no longer perform this interaction efficiently or reach the required control objectives. Hence, even in the interaction with, exploration of and control of the environment, cooperation between individual entities becomes a necessity, jointly controlling and influencing the physical processes in large-scale systems.

Wireless sensor networks are one typical example of such cooperation. These networks can cooperate themselves with other individual, intelligent objects, other networks, other controllers, or even users via proper interfaces.

Furthermore, the Workshop will explore the concept of networked embedded devices, where the intelligence in the devices is not only used to simply obtain information about the environment / the supervised “system”, but also to exert control on it, which in turn requires intelligence in the devices to make decisions.

Thus, the Workshop will review concepts, technologies and applications in wireless sensor networks as well as in cooperating embedded systems for control.

The Workshop proposal comes from the Coordination Action entitled “Cooperating Embedded Systems for Exploration and Control featuring Wireless Sensor Networks” (Embedded WiSeNts) funded by the European Commission in the Sixth Framework Programme (Information Society Technologies).

Goal:Review of concepts, technologies and applications in wireless sensor networks and cooperating embedded systems for control.

The program will include presentations dealing with the following topics:

- Wireless sensor networks.
- Cooperating objects: systems and technologies.
- Autonomous systems networking and distributed control.
- Applications and application scenarios.

The presenters will be:


Prof. Adam Wolisz, Technischen Universität Berlin, Germany.
Prof. Anibal Ollero, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain.
Other members of the Embedded WiSeNts consortium.