15th Triennial World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control
  Barcelona, 21–26 July 2002 
István Farkas1, István Vajk2
1 Department of Physics and Process Control, Szent István University
Páter K. u. 1., H-2103 Gödöllö, Hungary
E-mail: ifarkas@fft.gau.hu
2 Department of Automation and Applied Informatics
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Budapest, H-1521 Hungary

In this study a model-based control designed for the operation of a solar power plant is discussed. The simplified physically based model of the plant was developed on the basis of the energy balances including the solar insulation as an input, the heat transferred by the flow of the oil as a working media and the overall heat loss from the plant. The outlet temperature of the collector field is the reference (set-point) value while the volumetric flow rate of the oil is the manipulating variable to the controller. The solar radiation, the ambient temperature and the inlet oil temperature to the collector field are assumed as the disturbances. The model developed and identified is an internal part of the controller. The initial control experimental results are also presented.
Keywords: Solar power plant, physically-based model, identification, internal model control (IMC)
Session slot T-Mo-M19: Modelling and Control in Agricultural Processes/Area code 4a : Modelling and Control in Agricultural Processes