Topic 1 - Off-Line Systems Topic 5 - Cape for the Users!
Topic 2 - On-Line Systems Topic 6 - Cape and Society
Topic 3 - Computational & Numerical                   Solutions Strategies Topic 7 - Cape in Education
Topic 4 - Integrated and Multiscale Modelling                   and Simulation  


Plenary Lectures

Model Parameterization Tailored to Real-time Optimization
Benoît Chachuat, Bala Srinivasan, Dominique Bonvin

Challenges for Multi-Scale Modeling of Multiple Failure Modes in Microelectronics
Juergen Auersperg

Design and Integration of Policies to Achieve Environmental Targets
Rene Banares-Alcantara

Computational Chemical Engineering Modeling Applied to Energy and Reactor Design
Luc Nougier

Curricular and Pedagogical Challenges for Enhanced Graduate Attributes in CAPE
Ian T. Cameron, Daniel R. Lewin



Topic 1 - Off-Line Systems

Keynote Lectures

Chemical Product Engineering – the 3rd Paradigm
Michael Hill

Simulation in Nuclear Engineering Design
Christian Latgé

Oral Communications

Supply Chain Risk Management Through HAZOP and Dynamic Simulation
Adhitya A.*, Srinivasan R., Karimi I.

A New Approach to the Design of Multicomponent Water/Wastewater Networks
Faria D., Bagajewicz M.*

Effect of Catalytic Reactor Design on Plantwide Control Strategy: Application to VAM Plant
Bildea C.S.*, Dimian A.

Model of the Product Properties for Process Synthesis
Bongers P.*

Performance Analysis and Optimization of Enantioselective Fractional Extraction with a Multistage Equilibrium Model
De Haan A.B.*, Kuipers N.J., Steensma M.

Synthesis of Cryogenic Energy Systems
Del Nogal F., Kim J.*, Perry S., Smith R.

Study of a Novel Heat Integrated Hybrid Pervaporation Distillation Process: Simulation and Experiments
Del Pozo Gomez M.T.*, Ruiz Carreira P., Repke J.U., Klein A., Brinkmann T., Wozny G.

A Novel Network-Based Continuous-Time Formulation for Process Scheduling
Gimenez D., Henning G.*, Maravelias C.

Excipient Interaction Prediction: Application of the Purdue Ontology for Pharmaceutical Engineering (POPE)
Hailemariam M.*, Suresh B., Akkisetty S., Joglekar S., Hsu S.H., Jain A., Morris K., Reklaitis V., Basu K., Venkatasubramanian V.

Optimal Column Sequencing for Multicomponent Mixtures
Harwardt A.*, Kossack S., Marquardt W.

Systematic Design of Production Processes for Enantiomers with Integration of Chromatography and Racemisation Reactions
Kaspereit M.*, Garcia Palacios J., Meixús Fernández T., Kienle A.

The Application of a Task-Based Concept for the Design of Innovative Industrial Crystallizers
Lakerveld R.*, Kramer H.J.M.., Jansens P. J., Grievink J.

Cell Cycle Modelling for Off-Line Dynamic Optimisation of Mammalian Cultures
Lam C.M.*, Sriyudthsak K., Kontoravdi C., Kothari K., Park H.H., Pistikopoulos En., Mantalaris A.

New Configuration for Heteroazeotropic Batch Distillation: I. Feasibility Studies
Lang P., Denes F.*, Joulia X.

Integrated Design of Solvent-Based Extractive Separation Processes
Lek-Utaiwan P.*, Suphanit B., Mongkolsiri N., Gani R.

Development of a Novel Petri Net Tool for Process Design Selection Based on Inherent Safety Assessment Method
Moradi F.*, Bahri P.A.

Population Balance Modeling of Influenza Virus Replication in MDCK Cells During Vaccine Production
Müller T.*, Schulze-Horsel J., Sidorenko Y., Reichl U., Kienle A.

A Population Balance Model Approach for Crystallization Product Engineering via Distribution Shaping Control
Nagy Z.K.*

Uncertainty Patterns and Sensitivity Analysis of an Indicator Based Process Design Framework
Papadokonstantakis S.*, Siddharta A., Sugiyama H., Hungerbühler K.

Batch Scheduling with Intermediate Due Dates Using Timed Automata Models
Subbiah S.*, Tometzki T., Engell S.

A Decomposition Approach to Short-Term Scheduling of Multi-Purpose Batch Processes
Trautmann N.*, Fink R., Sagebiel H., Schwindt C.


Combined Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal: Model Based Process Optimization
Alasino N.*, Mussati M., Scenna N., Aguirre P.

A Systematic Procedure for Optimizing Crude Oil Distillation Systems
Alhammadi H.*

Integrated Design and Control of Processes Coupling Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions
Altimari P., Bildea C.S.*

A Study on Naphtha Catalytic Reforming Reactor Simulation and Analysis
Alves R.*, Menten F., Maejima W.S., Guardani R.., Nascimento C.

Computer Aided Modeling of an Extractive Fermentation Process for Bioethanol Production: Outlook for Development of Reaction-Separation Process
De Andrade R.R.*, Rivera E.C., Atala D.I.P., Maciel Filho R., Maugeri Filho F., da Costa A.C.

Evaluation of Pervaporation Process for Recovering a Key Orange Juice Flavour Compound: Modeling and Simulation
Araujo W.A., Alvarez M.E.T., Moraes E.B.*, Wolf Maciel M.R.

A Microeconomics-Based Approach to Product Design Under Uncertainty
Whitnack C., Heller A., Bagajewicz M.*

Model Predictive Control Based Planning in the Fruit Industry
Blanco A., Masini G., Petracci N., Bandoni A.*

Representation of Residue Curve Maps with Pinch Zones
Bonet J.*, Galan M-I., Costa J., Meyer X-M., Meyer M., Plesu A.

A Heat Transfer Model of an Ice Cream Single Screw Extruder
Bongers P.*, Campbell I.

Compensation of Inlet Flowrate Fluctuations in Offshore Downstream Sections.
Control Algorithm and Performance Evaluation

Bornard G.*, Verbrugge E., Khatib H.

Computer Aided Polymer Design Using Group Contribution Plus Property Models
Chelakara Satyanarayana K.*, Abildskov J., Gani R.

Enhanced Algebraic Property Clustering Techniques for Molecular Synthesis
Chemmangattuvalappil N.*, Solvason C., Eljack F., Eden M.

Optimize Process Condensate Reusing System for Ammonia Plant by the Synthesis of MEN
Chen L.*, Du J., Gao Z., Yao P., Seider W.

Supply Chain Design Considering Plants Performance
Corsano G.*, Montagna J.

A Reverse Engineering Approach to Design Oriented Properties Polymers
Costa M.C.*, Jardini A.L., Romão A.F., Wolf Maciel M.R., Maciel Filho R.

Entrainer-Based Reactive Distillation Versus Conventional Reactive Distillation for the Synthesis of Fatty Acid Esters
De Jong M.*, Dimian A., De Haan A.

Mathematical Modeling for the Crystalization Process of Hydroxiapatite From ?-Whitlockite
Dejeu V.R.*, Barabas R., Pop A., Bogya E., Imre A., Agachi P.S.

New Configuration for Heteroazeotropic Batch Distillation: II. Rigorous Simulation Results
Denes F.*, Lang P., Modla G., Joulia X.

Studying Extractive Distillation Processes Using Optimization
Emhamed A.M., Czuczai B., Rév E., Lelkes Z.*

Optimization of Caustic Treatment Processes of Zeolite Sorbents
Ermakov A., Dvoretsky D.*, Dvoretsky S.

Supply Chain Optimization with Homogenous Product Transport Constraints
Farkas T., Valentinyi Z.*, Rév E., Lelkes Z.

A Sensitivity Analysis on Optimal Solutions Obtained for a Reactive Distillation Column
Filipe R.*, Hauan S., Matos H., Novais A.

Optimal CO Clean-Up Reactors Design. Modeling and Optimization Aspects
Francesconi J.*, Oliva D., Mussati M., Aguirre P.

Synthesis of Zero Effluent Multipurpose Batch Processes Using Effective Scheduling
Gouws J.*, Majozi T.

Modeling Phase Change in Heat Exchanger Network Synthesis
Hasan M.M.F.*, Karimi I.A., Alfadala H.

Design of a Syngas Infrastructure
Herder P.M.*, Stikkelman R.M., DijkemaG.P.J., Correlje A.F.

Implementation of a Reactive Dividing Wall Distillation Column in a Pilot Plant
Sandoval-Vergara R., Barroso-Muñoz O.F., Hernandez-Escoto H., Segovia-Hernandez J.G., Hernandez S.*, V. Rico-Ramírez

Systematic Design of Chemical Conversion Processes
Hillestad M.*

Optimization of a Bio-Ethanol Purification Process Using Conceptual Design and Simulation Tools
Hoch P., Espinosa J.*

Improvement of Operating Procedures Through the Reconfiguration of a Plant Structure
Hoshino S.*, Seki H., Sugimoto T., Naka Y.

Energy-Efficient Synthesis of Distillation Sequences
Jain S., Kim J.*, Smith R.

Superstructure Optimization for the Optimal Design of Petroleum Refinery Topology with Environmental Considerations
Khor C.S.*, Loh A., Elkamel T.A., Al-Bahri

Graph-Theoretic Approach to Optimal Synthesis of Supply Networks: Distribution of Gasoline From a Refinery
Kim Y., Fan L.T., Yun C., Park S.B.*, Park S., Bertok B., Friedler F.

Addressing Robustness for Crude Oil Scheduling Under Uncertainty
Li J., Karimi I.A.*, Srinivasan R.

Feasibility Study of Diethyl Carbonate Synthesis by Equilibrium Limited Consecutive Reactions Using Batch Reactive Distillation
Lukacs T.*, Steger C., Meyer M., Rev E., Lelkes Z.

Optimal Design and Operation of Multivessel Batch Distillation Column with Fixed Product Demand and Strict Product Specifications
Mahmud M., Mujtaba I., Emtir M.*

Interfacial and Bulk Thermal Conductivity From Dynamic Temperature Profiles on One Side of Sample
Zeng Z.*, Malik T.

Enterprise-Wide Optimization Under Tight Supply Contracts and Purchase Agreements
Manenti F.*, Manca D.

Entrainer Selection for Pressure Swing Batch Distillation
Modla G.*, Lang P., Kopasz

Heterogeneous Kinetics and Residue Curve Map Determination for Ethyl Tert-Butyl Ether Synthesis Via Reactive Distillation Using Ion Exchange Resin Catalysts
Muhammad U.*, Saleemi A.R., Faheem M., Qaiser S.

Optimizing FCC Units to Get Maximum Benefits Via Metamodeling Approach
Navas G., Uribe A.*, Guerra O., Montagut S.

An Integrated Framework for Operational Scheduling of a Real-World Pipeline Network
Neves Boschetto S.*, Felizari L., Yamamoto L., Magatão L., Stebel S., Neves-Jr F., Arruda L., Lüders R., Ribas P., Bernardo L.

An Optimization Framework of Multibed Pressure Swing Adsorption Systems
Nikolic D.*, Georgiadis M., Kikkinides E.

Product Portfolio Management with Discrete-Event Simulation and Genetic Algorithms
Perez-Escobedo J.L.*, Aguilar-Lasserre A., Azzaro-Pantel C., Pibouleau L., Domenech S.

Numerical Analysis and Measurements Comparison of Flow Distribution Impact on a Plate-Fin Heat Exchanger Performance
Picard F.*, Bergin G., Temoin G., Averous D.

Multi-Objective Design of Multipurpose Batch Facilities Using Economic Assessments
Pinto T.R.*, Barbósa-Póvoa A.P., Novais A.Q.

Oil Products Pipeline Scheduling with Tank Farm Inventory Management
Relvas S.*, Matos H.A., Barbosa-Póvoa A.P., Fialho J.

Role of Discrete Simulation in Refinery Offsites Design
Rieubon R.R.*

Finding Batch Extractive Distillation Product Sequence From Thermodynamic Insight
Rodriguez-Donis I.*, Gerbaud V., Joulia X.

Methodology of Conceptual Process Synthesis for Process Intensification
Rong B.G.*, Kolehmainen E., Turunen I.

Chemical Unit Start-Up: From Control Strategy Design to Operators Training
Roussillon A.*

Process Plant Knowledge Based Simulation and Design
Savkovic-Stevanovic J.B.*, Krstic S.B., Milivojevic M.G., Perunicic M.B.

Optimal Experimental Design of a Catalytic Fixed Bed Reactor
Schöneberger J., Arellano-Garcia H., Thielert H.*, Körkel S., Wozny G.

Integrating Laboratory Experiments with Process Simulation for Reactor Optimization
Seay J.*, Werhan H., Eden M., D'Alessandro R., Thomas T., Redlingshoefer H., Weckbecker C., Huthmacher K.

Study of Arrangements for Distillation of Quaternary Mixtures Using Less Than N- 1 Columns
Méndez-Valencia D.M., Vázquez-Ojeda M., Segovia-Hernández J.G.*, Hérnández H., Bonilla-Petriciolet A

A Hybrid Meta-Heuristic Method for Logistics Optimization Associated with Production Planning
Shimizu Y.*, Yamazaki Y., Wada T.

Visual Mixture Design Using Property Clustering
Solvason C.*, Eljack F.T., Chemmangattuvalappil N., Eden M.

Generalization of feasibility analysis and conceptual design methods for reactive distillation to the case of multireaction systems
Steger C.S.*, Thery R., Rouzineau D., Meyer X., Meyer M.

Development Planning for Offshore Oilfield Infrastructure Under Gradual Uncertainty Resolution
Tarhan B.*, Grossmann I.

Model based scale-up of affinity membrane adsorbers
Van Beijeren P.*, Kreis P., Mutter M., Sommerfeld S., Bäcker W., Górak A.

An Investment Planning Model for Stepwise Capacity Expansions of Chemical Plants
Wiesner A.*, Schlegel M., Oldenburg J., Würth L., Hannemann R., Polt A.

Divided Wall Distillation Column: Dynamic Modelling and Control
Woinaroschy A.*, Isopescu R.


Topic 2 - On-Line Systems

Oral Communications

Optimization of Preventive Maintenance Scheduling in Processing Plants
Nguyen D., Bagajewicz M.*

Predictive Optimal Management Method for the Control of Polygeneration Systems
Collazos A., Marechal F.*

Comparison of Model Predictive Control Strategies for the Simulated Moving Bed
Dietz A., Corriou J.P.*

Model Reduction Techniques for Dynamic Optimization of Chemical Plants Operation
Dorneanu B.*, Bildea C.S., Grievink J.

A Mathematical Programming Framework for Optimal Model Selection/Validation of Process Data
Duarte B.P.*, Moura M.J., Neves F.J., Oliveira N.M.

Towards On-Line Model-Based Design of Experiments
Galvanin F., Barolo M., Bezzo F.*

Sensor Placement for Fault Detection and Localization
Gerkens C.*, Heyen G.

Using Kriging Models for Real-Time Process Optimization
Gomes M.V.C.*, Bogle I.D.L., Biscaia Jr..E.C., Odloak D.

Estimation of a Class of Stirred Tank Bioreactors with Discrete-Delayed Measurements
Hernández-Escoto H.*, Aguilar-López R., Neria-González M.I., Domínguez-Bocanegra A.R.

Optimal Control of Batch Processes Using Particle Swam Optimisation with Stacked Neural Network Models
Herrera F., Zhang J.*

Online LQG Stabilization of Unstable Gas-Lifted Oil Wells
Jahanshahi E., Salahshoor K., Kharrat R.*

Analysis of the Constraint Characteristics of a Sheet Forming Control Problem Using Interval Operability Concepts
Lima F., Georgakis C.*, Smith J., Schnelle P.

Real-Time Optimization Via Adaptation and Control of the Constraints
Marchetti A., Chachuat B.*, Bonvin D.

Integration of Engineering Process Control and Statistical Control in Pulp and Paper Industry
Matos A.*, Requeijo J., Pereira Z.

A Combined Balanced Truncation and Multi-Parametric Programming Approach for Linear Model Predictive Control
Narciso D.*, Pistikopoulos E.

Fault Detection and Isolation Based on the Model-Based Approach : Application on Chemical Processes
Olivier-Maget N.*, Hetreux G., Le Lann J.M., Le Lann M.V.

Computer Aided Operation of Pipeless Plants
Piana S.*, Engell S.

Off-Line Design of PAT* Systems for On-Line Applications
Singh R.*, Gernaey K., Gani R.


Process Monitoring in Chemical Industries - a Hidden Markov Model Approach
De Almeida G.*, Park S.W.

Nonlinear Dynamics and Control of the Monolithic Loop Reactor for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
Altimari P.*, Bildea C.S., Van Ommen J., Grievink J.

Monitoring Batch Polymerization Using Cumulative Amount Changes
Alvarez C.*, Brandolín A., Sánchez M., Puigjaner L.

Robust (Adaptative) Dynamic Data Reconciliation and Gross Error Estimation for Unknown Error Distribution Based on the Generalized T Distribution
Aragón D.*, Rolandi P.A., Romagnoli J.A.

New Method for Sensor Network Design and Upgrade for Optimal Process Monitoring
Bagajewicz M.*, Nguyen D., Kumar Sugumar S.

Fault Diagnosis and Identification System Applied to a Non- Invasive Biosensor of Blood Glucose
Basualdo M.*, Zumoffen D., Rigalli A.

Validation of an Ice Cream Factory Operations Model
Bongers P.*, Bakker B.

A Functional Systems Approach to the Development of Improved Hazard Identification for Advanced Diagnostic Systems
Cameron I.*, Seligmann B., Hangos K., Nemeth E., Lakner R.

A Novel Proactive-Reactive Scheduling Approach in Chemical Multiproduct Batch Plants
Capon E.*, Kopanos G., Bonfill A., Espuña A., Puigjaner L.

Model Predictive Control of the Waste Water Treatment Plant Based on the Benchmark Simulation Model No.1 – BSM1
Cristea V.M.*, Pop C., Agachi P.S.

Load Balancing Control System of a Furnace From Atmospheric Distillation Unit
Patrascioiu C.*, Mihalache S.

Optimal Operation of Sublimation Time of the Freeze Drying Process by Predictive Control: Application of the MPC@CB Software
Daraoui N.*, Dufour P., Hammouri H., Hottot A.

Novel Parametric and Non-Parametric Approach for the Online and Real-Time Evaluation of the Variability of an Effluent (EVE)
Daniel O.*, Denieul M.P., Lemoine C., Coste M.

Improving Steady-State Identification
Le Roux G.*, Faccini Santoro B., Falla Sotelo F., Teissier M., Joulia X.

Dynamic Behaviour of the CSTR: a Thermodynamic Point of View
Favache A.*, Dochain D., Maschke B.

Application of Adaptive Neurofuzzy Control Using Soft Sensors to Continuous Distillation
Fernandez de Canete J.*, del Saz-Orozco P., Gonzalez-Perez S.

Correlation-Based Just-In-Time Modeling for Soft-Sensor Design
Fujiwara K.*, Kano M., Hasebe S.

Closed-Loop Control of Restart-Up of Anaerobic USBF Reactors After Short Stops
García C., Molina F., Carrasco Ef.*, Lema J.M., Roca E.

Grey-Box Modelling of an Industrial Hydrodesulphurization Process
Gomez E., De Prada C.*, Sarabia D., Mendez C., Cristea S., Sola J.M., Unzueta E.

Optimal Management of Hydrogen Supply and Consumption Networks of Refinery Operations
Méndez C.*, Gómez E., Sarabia D., Cerdá J., De Prada C., Sola J., Unzueta E.

Output-Feedback Control of a High Temperature Homopolymerization Reactor
Hernández-Escoto H.*, Hernández-Castro S., Segovia-Hernández J.G.

Multi-Agent Control System of a Kraft Recovery Boiler
Herrera I.*, Park S.

A Heuristic for the Short-Term Planning of Multi-Purpose Continuous Plants
Herrmann S.*, Schwindt C.

Diagnosis of Chemical Processes by Fuzzy Clustering Methods: New Optimisation Method of Fuzzy Partitions
Isaza C., Le Lann M.V.*, Aguilar-Martin J.

Near-Optimal Operation of an Evaporator Using Self-Optimizing Control
Kariwala V., Cao Y.*

Comparison of Features in Classifying Steel Surface Quality
Kim D.*, Liu J.J., Han C.

Data Reconciliation for Industrial Processes
Krishnan L.K.*, El Osta W., Laigneau C.

Integrating Strategic, Tactical and Operational Supply Chain Decision Levels in a Model Predictive Control Framework
Lainez J.M.*, Kopanos G.M., Badell M., Espuña A., Puigjaner L.

Optimization and Control for Real Time Integration of the Biotechnological Process of Acrylic Acid Synthesis: a Two-Layer Approach Using Model Predictive Control Application
Lunelli B.H., Melo D.N., Vasco de Toledo E.C., Wolf Maciel M.R., Maciel Filho R.*

Hybrid Strategy for Real Time Optimization with Feasibility Driven for a Large Scale Three Phase Catalytic Slurry Reactor
Melo D.N.C., Mariano A.P., Vasco de Toledo E.C., Costa C.B., Maciel Filho R.*

Diagnosis of Hybrid Systems Coupling Classification Method and Dynamic Hybrid Simulation
Mokhtari A., Le Lann M.V.*, Hétreux G., Le Lann J.M.

Determination of Apparent Kinetic Parameters by Simulation of Anaerobic Digestion Processes Using Pulse OLR Disturbances
Molina F., García C., Fernández-Carrasco E.F.*, Roca E., Lema J.M.

Improving the Representation of Process Information in Multi-Label Fault Diagnosis Systems
Monroy I.*, Escudero G., Graells M.

Adaptive Control of Simultaneous Saccharification - Fermentation Process From Starch to Ethanol
Ochoa S.*, Lyubenova V., Repke J-U., Ignatova M., Wozny G.

Advanced Control Monitoring in Petrobras’ Refineries: Quantifying Economic Gains in a Real-Time Basis
Pinotti R.*, Zanin A.C., Moro L.F.L.

Comparative Analysis of Robust Estimators on Nonlinear Dynamic Data Reconciliation
Prata D.M., Pinto J.C., Lima E.L.*

Model-Based Monitoring of a Non-Uniform Batch in a Freeze-Drying Process
Rasetto V.*, Marchisio D., Fissore D., Barresi A.

State Estimation for Dynamic Prediction of Hydrate Formation in Oil and Gas Production Systems
Rodriguez Perez J.*, Adjiman C.S., Immanuel C.D.

RCS for Process Control: Is There Anything New Under the Sun?
Rodriguez M.*, Sanz R.

A Real-Time Optimisation Engine for Nonlinear Model-Based Optimising Control of Large-Scale Systems
Rolandi P.*, Romagnoli J.

Data Treatment and Analisys for On-Line Dynamic Process Optimization
Salau N.P.G.*, Tonel G., Trierweiler J.O., Secchi A.R.

On-Line System Identification and Control with the Extended Kalman Filter
Scheffer R.*, Maciel R.

Process Real-Time Optimization Using Evolutionary Improvement Algorithm
Seunghyok K.*, Seungjune C., En Sup Y.

Fault Isolation and Fault Intensity Estimation Based on SDG, SVM and PCA
Shin B.S., Lee G.*, Lee C.J., Han C., Yoon E.S.

Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of a Swelling Constrained Industrial Batch Reactor
Simon L.*, Nagy Z., Hungerbuehler K.

An Adapted SLAB Model Using Sensor Data for the Prediction on the Dispersion of Hazardous Gas Releases
So W.*, Shin D., Yoon E.S.

Real-Time Optimization of Large Scale Processes: Control of an Autorefrigerated CSTR Polymerization Reactor
Vasco de Toledo E.C., Melo D.N.C., Mariano A.P., Maciel Filho R..*

Nonlinear Identification and Model Based Control of an Oil Well Drilling Process
Vega M.*, Sheid C., Calçada L., Mancini M., Martins A.

Hybrid Fault Diagnosis for Large Chemical Plants Under Control
Zumoffen D., Basualdo M.*


Topic 3 - Computational & Numerical Solutions Strategies

Keynote Lecture

Expanding Process Modelling Capability Through Software Interoperability Standards: Application, Extension and Maintenance of CAPE-OPEN Standards
Ray Dickinson

Oral Communications

Optimization of WWTP Control by Means of Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms and Sensitivity Analysis
Beraud B.*, Steyer J.P., Lemoine C., Latrille E.

A Model Reduction-Based Optimisation Framework for Large-Scale Simulators Using Iterative Solvers
Bonis I.*, Theodoropoulos C.

Rigorous Flowsheet Optimization Using Process Simulators and Surrogate Models
Caballero J.*, Grossmann I.

MILP-Based Decomposition Method for the Optimal Scheduling of an Industrial Batch Plant
Castro P.*, Novais A., Carvalho A.

Design of Constrained Nonlinear Model Predictive Control Based on Global Optimisation
Cizniar M.*, Fikar M., Latifi M.A.

Biclustering of Data Matrices in Systems Biology Via Optimal Re-Ordering
Dimaggio P., Mcallister S., Floudas C.*, Feng X.J., Rabinowitz J., Rabitz H.

Optimum Experimental Design for Key Performance Indicators
Körkel S.*, Arellano-Garcia H., Schöneberger J., Wozny G.

Inductive Data Mining: Automatic Generation of Decision Trees From Data for QSAR Modelling and Process Historical Data Analysis
Ma C., Buontempo F., Wang X.*

The Solution of Very Large Non-Linear Algebraic Systems
Manca D.*, Buzzi-Ferraris G.

Multi-Operations Time-Slots Model for Crude-Oil Operations Scheduling
Mouret S.*, Grossmann I.E., Pestiaux P.

A Framework for Analysis of Computational Load of CAPE Tools
Rolandi P.*, Cano A.

An Implementation of Parallel Computing for Hierarchical Logistic Network Design Optimization Using PSO
Shimizu Y.*, Kawamoto H.

Service-Oriented CAPE: a New Direction for Software Applications
Stalker I.*, Fraga E., Yang A., Mehandjiev N.

Using Grid Computing to Solve Hard Planning and Scheduling Problems
Ferris M.C., Maravelias C.*, Sundaramoorthy A.

Benchmarking Numerical and Agent-Based Models of an Oil Refinery Supply Chain
Van Dam K.*, Adhitya A., Srinivasan R., Lukszo Z.

Large-Scale Nonlinear Programming Strategies for the Operation of LDPE Tubular Reactors.
Zavala V.*, Biegler L.



Robust and Efficient Implementation of Strategies for Chemical Engineering Regression Problems
Alvarez V..*, Maduro R.., Aznar M.

Identifiability Analysis and Optimization-Based State and Parameter Estimation in Bioreactor
Arellano-Garcia H.*, Drews A., Wozny G.

Process Simulation & Optimization Sequential Modular Approach Or Global Approach? and Why Not Both?
Baudet P.*, Castelain P., Baudouin O.

Simulis® Thermodynamics: an Open Framework for Users and Developers
Baudouin O.*, Dechelotte S., Guittard P., Vacher A.

New Approach for Chemical Transfer Reaction Model
Benjelloun-Dabaghi Z.*, Cadours R., Cauvin-Delaide S., Mougin P.

Global Optimization of an Aggregated GDP Model for Distillation Sequences
Bergamini M., Aguirre P.*

Modeling and Simulation of the Particle Size Distribution for Emulsion Polymerization in a Tubular Reactor
Bouaswaig A.*, Mauntz W., Engell S.

Bidirectional Branch and Bound Approach for Controlled Variable Selection
Cao Y.*, Kariwala V.

Biofiltration of VOCs in the Natural Bed- Modelling Verification
Chmiel-Kurowska K.*, Palica M., Kurowski L., Thullie J.

Composite Zeolite Membranes Characterization by Using a Transient State Experimental Technique and a Parameter Estimation Procedure
Courthial L., Baudot A., Tayakout-Fayolle M., Jallut C.*

Modified Outer Approximation Algorithm for Optimizing Complex Distillation Rpocesses
Czuczai B.*, Farkas T., Rév E., Lelkes Z.

MPC@CB Software : a Solution for Model Predictive Control
Da Silva B.*, Dufour P., Sheiba Othman N., Othman S.

Reduction of Computational Load Associated with the Integration of DAE Systems
De Graaf S.C.*, Kittilsen P., Preisig H.A.

An Initialization Procedure for Steady-State Models. Example: Distillation Column
Dones I.*, Preisig H.

Parallel Simulation of Molten Carbonate Fuel Cell System
Dosta M.*, Mangold M., Kienle A., Svjatnyj V.

Detection of Multiple Structural Changes in Linear Processes Through Change Point Analysis and Bootstrapping
Duarte B.*, Saraiva P.

Improvement of the Computational Performance of STN/RTN Formulations for Short-Term Scheduling of Multipurpose Batch Plants
Durand G.A., Bandoni J.A.*

Development of Mechanistic Models for UASB and UAF Pulsed Anaerobic Digesters
Franco A., García C., Carrasco E.F.*, Roca E.

Modeling of Anaerobic Bioreactors Oriented to Optimization. Solutions for IPDAE Systems
Fuentes Mora M.*, Mussati M.C., Scenna N.J., Aguirre P.A.

Applications of Grey Programming to Process Design
Galvez E., Cisternas L.*, Patiño P.S., Ossandon K.L.

Algorithmic Methods for the Optimal Lumping of Analytical Data for Compositional Studies
Georgiadis M.*, Papageorgiou L.

Tearing for Parallelization and Control of Sparsity in Process Flowsheeting
Greppi P.*

Flexible and Configurable MILP-Models for Meltshop Scheduling Optimization
Harjunkoski I.*, Sand G.

Novel Convex Underestimators and Their Application to the Synthesis of Combined Reaction Distillation Processes
Jach M., Kienle A.*, Michaels D., Weismantel R.

Multiobjective Optimization of a Liquid-Feed Direct Methanol Fuel Cell
Jeong I.*, Kim J., Kim J., Moon I.

Functional Data Analysis for the Development of a Calibration Model for Near-Infrared Data
Jiang C.*, Martin E.

Optimization of Ideal Petlyuk Sequences Using a Multi Objective Genetic Algorithm with Constraints
Jiménez-Gutiérrez A., Gutiérrez-Antonio C.*, Briones-Ramírez A.,

Application of Global Sensitivity Analysis to Biological Models
Kiparissides A.*, Rodriguez-Fernandez M., Kucherenko S., Mantalaris A., Pistikopoulos E.N.

Development of a Sophisticated Framework for Complex Single- and Multi-Objective Optimization Tasks
Leipold M.*, Gruetzmann S., Fieg G., Maschmeyer D., Sauer J., Wiederhold H.

Towards Resilient Supply Chains: Uncertainty Analysis Using Fuzzy Mathematical Programming
Mitra K., Gudi R.*, Patwardhan S., Sardar G.

Product Data Quality in the Vaccine Industry, Model-Driven Architecture for Interoperability Between Information Systems
Moalla N.*, Bouras A., Ouzrout Y., Neubert G.

New Discoveries Allowed by the Efficiency of the Green Design of Bluegene Architecture
Multon O.*, Nouzarede L.

Modelling of Optimal Investment Policies for the Multiperiod Retrofitting of Chemical Plants
Novak Pintaric Z.*, Kravanja Z.

Modelling and Identification of the Bio-Ethanol Production Process From Starch: Cybernetic vs Unstructured Modelling Approaches.
Ochoa S.*, Yoo A., Repke J-U., Wozny G., Yang D.R.

Multi-Objective Optimization of Polygeneration Systems Integrated in District Heating and Cooling Networks
Ortiga J.*, Bruno J.C., Coronas A.

New Method of Stochastic Optimization on Example of Cyclic Reactor of Thin Organic Synthesis
Dvoretsky D.*, Dvoretsky S., Peshkova E., Ostrovsky G.

Upstream Simulation Lifecycle
Paen D.*, Roux P., Ricordeau A., Vacher A., Gainville M.

Calculation of Critical Points in Reactive Mixtures Using a Global Optimization Approach
Sánchez-Mares F., Bonilla-Petriciolet A.*, Segovia-Hernández J.G., Tapia-Picazo J.C., Ponsich A.

Particle Swarm Optimisation in Heat Exchanger Network Synthesis Including Detailed Equipment Design
Silva A., Ravagnani M., Biscaia Jr. E.*

A Priori Regression Analysis for the Calibration of Complex Dynamic Models: Application to a Model of Antibiotic Production with S. Coelicolor
Sin G.*, Gernaey K.

MILP-Based Approach for the Optimal Design of Water Networks
Teles J.*, Castro P., Novais A.

Comprehensive Evaluation of EKF, CEKF, and Moving Horizon Estimators for On-Line Processes Applications
Tonel G., Salau N.P.*, Trierweiler J.O., Secchi A.R.

A Single Stage Approach for Designing Water Network with Multiple Contaminants
Walczyk K., Jezowski J.*

Modeling Piecewise Under- and Overestimators for Bilinear Process Network Synthesis Via Mixed-Integer Linear Programming
Wicaksono D.S.*, Karimi I.A.


Topic 4 - Integrated and Multiscale Modelling and Simulation

Keynote Lecture

Multiscale Molecular Modeling: a Tool for the Design of Nano Structured Materials
Maurizio Fermeglia, Sabrina Pricl

Oral Communications

Energy-Preserving Method for Spatial Discretization: Application to an Adsorption Column
Baaiu A.*, Couenne F., Lefevre L., Le Gorrec Y.

MEXA Goes CAMD - Computer-Aided Molecular Design for Physical Property Model Building
Bardow A.*, Kossack S., Kriesten E., Marquardt W.

Modeling the Phase Equilibria of Nitriles by the Soft-SAFT Equation of State
Belkadi A.*, Hadj-Kali M.K., Gerbaud V., Joulia X., Llovell F., Vega L F.

Application of a Digital Packing Algorithm to Cylindrical Pellet-Packed Beds
Caulkin R.*, Fairweather M., Jia X., Ahmad A., Williams R.

Modelling and Simulation of a Membrane Microreactor Using Computational Fluid Dynamics
Chasanis P.*, Kenig E.Y., Hessel V., Schmitt S.

Modeling of Catalytic Hydrogen Generation From Sodium Borohydride
Gonçalves A.*, Castro P., Novais A., Rangel C., Matos H.

Towards a New Generation Heat Exchanger Models
Haarlemmer G.*, Pigourier J.

Brownian Dynamics and Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulation in Emulsion Polymerization
Hernandez H.F.*, Tauer K.

Biodiesel Production by Heat-Integrated Reactive Distillation
Kiss A. A.*, Dimian A. C., Rothenberg G.

Modelling Comparison of High Temperature Fuel Cell Performances: Electrochemical Behaviours of SOFC and PCFC
Klein J-M.*, Deseure J.

An Integrated Framework for Model-Based Flow Assurance in Deepwater Oil & Gas Production
Luna-Ortiz E.*, Lawrence P., Pantelides C.C., Adjiman C.S., Immanuel C.D.

Enhanced Modelling and Integrated Simulation of Gasification and Purification Gas Units Targeted to Clean Power Production
Perez-Fortes M.*, Bojarski A., Ferrer-Nadal S., Kopanos G., Nougués J.M., Velo E., Puigjaner L.

Absorption of Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Multicomponent Mixtures: a Comparison Between Simulations and Measurements in a Pilot Plant
Richter D.*, Thielert H., Wozny G.

A Comprehensive Population Balance Model of Emulsion Polymerisation for PSD & MWD: Comparison to Experimental Data
Sweetman S.J.*, Immanuel C.D., Malik T.I., Emmett S., Williams N.

Prediction of Partition Coefficients Between Food Simulants and Packaging Materials Using Molecular Simulation and a Generalized Flory Huggins Approach
Vitrac O.*, Gillet G.

Shape – the Final Frontier
Wang X.*, Ma C., Roberts K.



Dynamic Modeling of a Rotating Disk Contactor Using the Primary and Secondary Particle Method (PSPM)
Attarakih M.*, Jaradat M., Allaboun H., Bart H.J., Faqir N.

Computational Fluid Dynamics : a Tool to the Formulation of Therapeutic Aerosols
Bardin-Monnier N.*, Falk V., Marchal-Heussler L.

Heat Exchanger Network (HEN) Costs and Performances Estimation for Multi-Period Operation
Bolliger R., Palazzi F., Marechal F.*

A Study of Water Transport Phenomena in a Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell with 2D Steady-State Model
Chung H.*, Ha T., Cho S., Han C.

A Stochastic Programming Approach for Clinical Trials Planning
Colvin M., Maravelias C.*

Modelling of Precipitation in Turbulent Flow Via the Joint Species-Number Density PDF Method
Di Veroli G.Y.*, Rigopoulos S.

Large Eddy Simulation of Particle Dispersion in a Straight, Square Duct Flow
Fairweather M.*, Yao J.

Test Bench Dimensioned by Specific Numerical Tool
Gascoin N.*, Gillard P., Abraham G., Bouchez M.

Optimization of SOFC Interconnect Design Using Multiphysic Computation
Grondin D.*, Deseure J., Zahid M., Jose Garcia M., Bultel Y.

Multi-Objective Scheduling for Environmentally-Friendly Batch Operations
Halim I.*, Srinivasan R.

Operability Analysis and Conception of Microreactor by Integration of Reverse Engineering and Rapid Manufacturing
Jardini A.L.*, Costa M.C., Bineli A.R., Romão A.F., Maciel Filho R.

Use of a Heterogeneous Model for Hydrodynamic Simulation of Foam Monoliths
Jerez J., Duarte L., Ordóñez I., Martínez R.*

Modelling of Integrated Multiscale Process with Microdevices
Tona Vasquez R., Jiménez Esteller L.*

Modeling of Honeycomb Monoliths by a Two-Dimensional and Multi-Channel Strategy
Jiménez J., Silva F., Ordóñez I., Martínez R.*

Multi-Scale Framework for Steam-Methane Reforming Reaction with In-Situ Adsorption
Kapil A., Bhat S., Sadhukhan J.*

Optimisation with Energy Recovery for Oxidative Desulphurization of Heavy Gas Oil
Khalfalla H., Mujtaba I.*, El-Garni M., El-Akrami H.

Numerical Determination of Heat Transfer Coefficient for Nanofluids in Microchannels
Kurowski L.*, Thullie J., Chmiel-Kurowska K., Dzido G.

Ion-Specific Potential of Mean Force Between Two Aqueous Proteins
Lima E.R.A., Tavares F.W., Biscaia Jr. E.C.*

A Heteronuclear Group Contribution Method for Associating Chain Molecules (Saft-?)
Lymperiadis A.*, Adjiman C.S., Galindo A., Jackson G.

Morphological Population Balance for Modelling Shape Evolution of Crystals Grown From Solution
Ma C.*, Wang X., Roberts K.J.

An Analytical–Numerical Method for Solving a Heap Leaching Problem of One Or More Solid Reactants From Porous Pellets
Mellado M., Cisternas L.*

Modeling of Polyvinyl Acetate Polymerization Process for Control Purposes
Miteva T.*, Alvarez R., Hvala N., Kukanja D.

Image Based Characterization and Molecular Modeling of Line-Edge Roughness on Positive Resist
Mukherjee R., Palazoglu A., Romagnoli J.*

Thermodynamic Analysis and Properties Modeling of Thermochemical Processes for Massive Hydrogen Production
O’connell J.*, Murphy J., Gorensek M., Theis M.

Thermochemical Multi-Phase Models Applying the Constrained Gibbs Energy Method
Pajarre R.*, Blomberg P., Koukkari P.

Industrial Applications of Multi-Phase Thermochemical Simulation
Pajarre R.*, Koukkari P., Penttilä K.

Reactor Modeling for the Shenhua Direct Coal Liquefaction Project
de Gruyl D., Parmentier F.*

Prediction of the Melting Point Temperature Using a Linear QSPR for Homologous Series
Paster I., Shacham M.*, Brauner N.

A General Mathematical Model for a Moving Bed Gasifier
Pierucci S.*, Ranzi E.

Modelling of an Hybrid Wastewater Treatment Plant
Pons M.N.*, da Silva M.D.C.L., Potier O., Arnos E., Battaglia P.

Numerical Approach for the Enzymatic Elimination of Phenol in a Torus Reactor.
Pramparo L.*, Pruvost J., Stüber F., Font J., Fortuny A., Fabregat A., Legentilhomme P., Legrand J., Bengoa C.

Three Principle Model Reductions Based on Time-Scale Considerations
Preisig H.A.*

LNG Life Cycle Modelling
Coupier R., Rey F.*

Modelling Solids Transport in an Industrial Flighted Rotary Dryer
Sheehan M.*, Ajayi O., Lee A.

Excipient Design for Protein Drug Formulation Via Molecular Simulation and Computational Molecular Design
Shulda S.*, Ashley J., Li Y., Topp E., Camarda K.

Dimension Reduction of Two-Dimensional Population Balances Based on the Quadrature Method of Moments
Voigt A.*, Heineken W., Flockerzi D., Sundmacher K.

Predictions of the Consequences of Natural Gas-Hydrogen Explosions Using a Novel CFD Approach
Woolley R.M., Fairweather M.*, Falle S.A.E., Giddings J.R.

Three Dimensional Multiphase Computations for the Characterizing the Counter-Current Flow Behavior
Xu Y.*, Yuan S., Paschke J.U., Repke G., Wozny J.


Topic 5 - Cape for the Users!

Oral Communications

Support of Strategic Business Decisions At BASF’s Largest Integrated Production Site Based on Site-Wide Verbund Simulation
Brüggemann S.*, Bauer N., Fuchs E., Polt A., Wagner B., Wulkow M.

A Generic Scientific Information Management System for Process Engineering
Cauvin S.*, Barbieux M., Celse B., Carrie L.

Rapid Process Design and Development of Complex Solution Copolymers
Dar Y.*, Malik T.I.

Troubleshooting and Process Optimisation by Integrating CAPE Tools and Six Sigma Methodology
Dünnebier G.*

A Compliance Management System for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Fisher J., Aldea A., Banares-Alcantara R.*

Business Process Model for Knowledge Management in Plant Maintenance
Fuchino T.*, Shimada Y., Miyazawa M., Naka Y.

Practical Challenges in Developing Data-Driven Soft Sensors for Quality Prediction
Liu J.*, Srinivasan R., Selvaguru P.N.

Process Analytical Technologies (Pat) - the Impact for Process Systems Engineering
Chen Z., Lovett D., Morris J.*

Decision Support for Control Structure Selection During Plant Design
Oldenburg J.*, Pallasch H.J., Colman C., Hagenmeyer V., Arora S., Jacobsen K., Birk J., Polt A., Van den Abeel P.

Production-Line Wide Dynamic Bayesian Network Model for Quality Management in Papermaking
Ropponen A.*, Ritala R.

Ontomodel: Ontological Mathematical Modeling Knowledge Management
Suresh P.*, Joglekar G., Hsu S., Akkisety P., Hailemariam L., Jain A., Reklaitis G., Venkatsubramanian V.

Ontocape 2.0 – a (Re-)Usable Ontology for Computer-Aided Process Engineering
Morbach J., Wiesner A.*, Marquardt W.


CAPE Methods and Tools for Systematic Analysis of New Chemical Product Design and Development
Alvarado-Morales M.*, Al-Haque N., Gernaey K. V., Woodley J. M., Gani R.

A Graphical Approach for Hazard Identification
Batres R.*, Suzuki T., Shimada Y., Tetsuo T.

Multi-Agent Service Composition for Technology Selection
Batres R.*, Takashima H., Yoshiaki S.

Introduction of Cape Into an Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients Company
Ben Tolila M., Novoa R.*, Hasson M., Manoff E.

A VR System to Enable the Capture and Verification of Operating Instructions
Palmer C., Liu W., Chung P.W.H.*

Development of a Cape-Open Simulation Component for a Gams-Modeled Process Unit
Domancich A.*, Perez V., Hoch P., Brignole N.

Integrated Decision Support Tool for Pharmaceutical Product Development
Jain A.*, Kumar P., Joglekar G., Hailemariam L., Suresh P., Zhao C., Morris K., Reklaitis G., Venkatasubramanian V.

Problems Mapping with Social Networks. Example of Ceramic Membranes
Kraslawski A.*, Mänttäri M., Fiola A.

Hazop Support Syetem and Its Use for Operation
Kwamura K.*, Naka Y., Fuchino T., Aoyama A., Takagi N.

Acceleration of the Retrieval of Past Exepriences in Case Based Reasoning: Application for Preliminary Design in Chemical Engineering
Negny S.*, Le Lann J.M.

Visual Exploration of Multi-State Process Operations Using Self-Organizing Maps
Ng Y.S., Srinivasan R.*

Ontological Framework for the Implementation of Waste Minimisation Methodologies Into Process Industries
Reyes-Cordoba A.*, Sharratt P., Arizmendi-Sanchez J.

Multi-Criteria Decision Making in Product-Driven Process Synthesis
Ridder K., Almeida-Rivera C.*, Bongers P., Bruin S., Flapper S.D.

Towards an Interface Standard for Automated Design: a Proposal
Stalker I.*, Fraga E.

Improvement of the Production Process of Leached Optical Fibers in a Technological and Organizational Context
Stekelenburg D., Lukszo Z.*, Lowe J.

Quality Assurance of Simulation Results
Testard L.*

Decision Tree Based Qualitative Analysis of Operating Regimes in Industrial Production Process
Varga T.*, Szeifert F., Réti J., Abonyi J.

Management and Reuse of Mathematical Models in Chemical Industries with MOVE
Von Wedel L.*

Mobatec Modellera Flexible and Transparent Tool for Building Dynamic Process Models.
Westerweele M.*, Laurens J.


Topic 6 - Cape and Society

Keynote Lecture

Sustainable Energy Futures, and what we can do about it
Sandro Macchietto

Oral Communications

A Methodology for Designing and Evaluating Biomass Utilization Networks
Ayoub N.*, Seki H., Naka Y.

Design of Sustainable Processes: Systematic Generation and Evaluation of Alternatives
Carvalho A.*, Gani R., Matos H.,

Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) Process Simulation and Optimization
Emun F.*, Gadalla M., Jiménez L.

IDEF0 Activity Modeling for Integrated Process Design Considering Environmental, Health and Safety (Ehs) Aspects
Hirao M.*, Sugiyama H., Fischer U., Hungerbuehler K.

A Prototype Agent-Based Modeling Approach for Energy System Analysis
Hodge B-M.*, Aydogan-Cremaschi S., Blau G., Pekny J., Reklaitis G.V.

A Systematic Framework for Biorefinery Production Optimization
Sammons N.*, Yuan W., Eden M., Aksoy B., Cullinan H.

Economic Analysis and Process Integration of Hydrogen Production Strategies
Yuan W.*, Sammons Jr. N., Mcglocklin K., Eden M.

Design of Heat-Integrated Power Systems with Decarbonisation
Zheng X., Kim F.*, Smith J.


Collaboration Among Companies for Better Energy Management
Agha M.H.*, Thery R., Hetreux G., Hait A., Le Lann J.M.

Process Dynamic Simulator and Industrial Accident Simulator: Coupling Two Worlds Into an Integrated Platform
Brambilla S.*, Manenti F., Manca D.

Optimization of Synthesis Gas Production Plant Using Recycled Carbon Dioxide
Choi S.*, Kim S., Han C., Yoon E.S.

Mathematical Modeling of Limestone Dissolution in Batch Stirred Tank Reactors in Presence of Diluted Strong Acid
De Blasio C.*, Ahlbeck J., Bjondahl F.

Biodiesel Production From Vegetable Oils: Operational Strategies for Large Scale Systems
De Lima Da Silva N., Rivera E.C., Benedito Batistella C., Lima D.R., Maciel Filho R.*, Wolf Maciel M.R.

Simulation of Process Related Safety Limit of Alkoxylation Reactors
Degenkolbe S.*, Süßmuth M., Witt W.

Anhydrous Bioethanol for Fuels and Chemicals – Evaluations of Alternative Distillations and Solvents
Dias M.O.S., Diaz F.A., Maciel Filho R.*, Wolf Maciel M.R., Rossell C.E.V.

Evaluation of Energy Demand During Bioethanol Production From Sugarcane and Sugarcane Bagasse - Computer Based Scenario Approach
Dias M.O.S., Maciel Filho R.*, Wolf Maciel M.R., Rossell C.E.V

An Optimization Model for the Design of Closed Loop Supply Chains with Minimum Environmental Impacts
Diniz Cunha A.*, Gomes Salema M.I., Barbosa Póvoa A.P., Q. Novais A.

Minimization of Life Cycle Greenhouse Emissions and Cost in the Operation of Steam and Power Plants
Martinez P., Eliceche A.M.*

Developing a Lake Eutrophication Model and Determining Biogeochemical Parameters: a Large Scale Parameter Estimation Problem
Estrada V., Parodi E., Diaz S.*

Structural Optimisation of Sustainable Chemical Process Flowsheets Under Uncertainty
Guillén-Gosálbez G.*, Caballero J.A., Jiménez L.

A New Model for Phase Equilibria of the Ternary System (H2O – Hi – I2)
Hadj-Kali M.K.*, Gerbaud V., Borgard J.M., Floquet P., Joulia X., Carles P.

Computer Aided Design of Occupationally Healthier Processes
Hassim M., Hurme M.*

Energy Management in a Stand-Alone Power System for the Production of Electrical Energy with Long Term Hydrogen Storage
Ipsakis D.*, Voutetakis S., Seferlis P., Stergiopoulos F., Papadopoulou S., Elmasides C., Keivanidis C.

Mapping Environmental Issues Within Supply Chains: an LCA Based Approach
Lainez J.M.*, Bojarski A.D., Espuña A., Puigjaner L.

Exergy Analysis of Biological Hydrogen Production
Modarresi A., Wukovits W.*, Friedl A.

Sensitivity Analysis of a Model for Atmospheric Dispersion of Toxic Gases
Pandya N.*, Marsden E., Floquet P., Gabas N.

A Generic Framework for Modeling, Design and Optimization of Industrial Phosphoric Acid Production Processes
Papadopoulos A.*, Seferlis K.

Sensitivity Analysis of the Benchmark Simulation Model N° 1
Pons M.N.*, Jeppsson U., Flores Alsinac X., Benedettid L., do Lourenco da Silva M., Nopens I., Alex J., Copp J., Gernaey K., Rosen C., Steyer Jp., Vanrolleghem P.

Fundamental Aspects to Improve Risk Potential Assessment of Chemical Process Industry
Ramzan N.*, Witt W.

Fisher Information: a Generalized Sustainability Index?
Rico-Ramirez V.*, Quintana-Hernandez P.A., Ortiz-Cruz J.A., Hernandez-Castro S.

Simulation of PEMFC Super Capacitor Hybrid System
Sailler S.*, Druart F., Riu D., Ozil P.

Modeling, Monitoring and Optimization of the Steam Consumption in the Specialty Chemical Industry
Szijjarto A.*, Rerat C., Papadokonstantakis S., Hungerbuehler K.

Reduction of Polluting Effluents in a Polymerization Process Using Simultaneous Mass and Heat Integration
Tapia-Picazo J.C.*, Jiménez-Gutiérrez A., Bonilla-Petriciolet A., Segovia-Hernández J.G.

Is Reactive Distillation a Sustainable PI Solution?
Van der Heijden M., Grievink J.*

Towards Improved Cleaning of Fmcg Plants: a Model-Based Approach
Yang A.*, Martin E.B., Montague G.A., Fryer P.

About Energy Efficiency Improvement of Auto-Thermal Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion Processes
Zhelev T.*, Vaklieva N., Jamniczky-Kaszás D.


Topic 7 - Cape in Education

Oral Communications

Development of Sustainable Energy Systems: a New Challenge for Process Systems Engineering Education
Azzaro-Pantel C.*, Gourdon C., Joulia X., Le Lann J.M., Astier S., Fontes G., David M., Ayache A.

Enhancing the Understanding and Insights of Students and Industry Operators in Process Engineering Principles Via Immersive 3d Environments
Norton C., Cameron I.*, Crosthwaite C., Balliu N., Tade M., Shallcross D., Hoadley A., Barton G., Kavanagh J.

CAPE Tools in Biotechnology: Why, When, What, Who. Which Ones and Where?
Jiménez L.*, Katakis I., Fabregat A., Schafer T., Rodriguez S., Mateo J. M., Giamberini M., Rivera B., Argüeso P., Calero E., Vico L., Hernandez F., Genc R., Medir M., Alabart J. R., Guillén-Gosálbez G.

What Is ''In'' and What Is ''Out'' in Engineering Problem Solving
Shacham M.*, Cutlip M., Brauner N.


Teaching Mono and Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms in Process Systems Engineering : an Illustration with the Multigen Environment
Gomez A.*, Azzaro-Pantel C., Pibouleau L., Domenech S.

Operator Training Simulator Development for Ethylene Plant Tertiary Refrigeration System
Hashim H.H.*, Chonga L.W., M Jelani A.H.

Virtual and Remote Laboratory for Robotics E-Learning
Jara C.*, Candelas F., Torres F.

Virtual Reality Operator Education of a Hydrogen Fueling Station
Jinkyung . J.*, Eunyong K.E., Younghee L., Moon I.