Program for NPC'7

7th Nordic Process Control Workshop

12 - 14 Jan. 1997, Wadahl Høgfjellshotell, Norway.


Sunday 12 Jan. 1997

16.00: Registration and coffee
16.30: Welcoming remarks, Sigurd Skogestad.

16.35 - 19.15: Tutorial session on Model Predictive Control

16.35: Introduction to linear MPC / DMC. Truls Larsson, Sigurd Skogestad, NTNU, and Stig Strand, Statoil, Norway
18.00: Issues in implementing MPC. Steinar Sælid, Prediktor AS, Norway
18.30: Nonlinear MPC. Bjarne Foss, NTNU, Norway
19.00: Discussion

19.30: Dinner

20.30 - 21.30: Board meeting of the NPC Working Group

Monday 13 Jan. 1997

08.00: Breakfast

08.45 - 10.45: Session 1 (Chairman: Kurt Waller)

08.45: Plant wide dynamic simulation. Jens Erik Hansen and Sten Bay Jørgensen, DTU, Denmark
09.05: Multimodel robust control of nonlinear plants: A case study. R.H. Nystrøm, K.V. Sandstrøm, T.K. Gustafsson and H.T. Toivonen, Åbo Akademi, Finland
09.25: Model predictive control and constraints. David Di Ruscio, Telemark Institute of Technology, Norway
09.45: Supervisory control of process plants. Hassan Yazdi and Sten B. Jørgensen, DTU, Denmark
10.05: Input/output selection for regulatory control using pole directions. Kjetil Havre and Sigurd Skogestad, NTNU, Norway
10.25: Discussion

10.45 - 11.15: Coffee break

11.15 - 12.30: Discussion and short presentations of ongoing industrial control projects (Chairman: Kurt Waller)
Contributions from Norsk Hydro (Erik Gran), Statoil (Gunnleiv Skofteland), etc.

12.30: Presentation of Second Nordic Process Control Award to Karl Johan Åstrøm. (Chairman: Sigurd Skogestad)

12.35: Adventures in process control: From system identification to automatic tuning. Karl Johan Åstrøm, Lund Institute of Technology:
13.20-13.30: Discussion

13.30 - 14.30: Lunch

14.30 - 17.30: Session 2 (Chairman: Sten Bay Jørgensen)

14.30: A study on the AlF3 and temperature dynamics of an aluminum electrolysis cell. Tormod Drenstig, Dag Ljungquist and Bjarne A. Foss, NTNU, Norway
14.50: Control and optimal operation of Petlyuk distillastion columns. Ivar Halvorsen , NTNU, Norway
15.10: Automatic re-tuning of PI-controllers in oscillating control loops. Mats Friman, Åbo Akademi, Finland
15.30: Pass band and high frequency robustness for PID control. Bengt Lennartson and Birgitta Kristiansson, Chalmers Univ. of Tech., Sweden
15.50 - 16.00: Discussion
16.00 - 16.20: 20 min break with coffee
16.20: Identification and control of a wood chip refiner. Alexander Horch and Alf Isaksson, KTH, Sweden.
16.40: Experiments for modeling and identification of the press section of a paper machine. Karin Danielsen and Jonas Funquist, STFI, Sweden
17.00:  Modelling of bending stiffness for paper board manufacturing. Jens Petterson, Torsten Bohlin, KTH and Bengt Nilsson, AssiDoman-Frovifors AB, Sweden,
17.20 - 17.30: Discussion

17.30 - 19.45: Poster session with beer and soft drinks (Chairman: Bjarne Foss)

17.30: Introduction to poster session (3 min each)

  1. A two-channel relay for autotuning. Mats Friman and Kurt Waller, Åbo Akademi, Finland
  2. Robust control of sampled-data systems. Mats Sågfors and Hannu Toivonen, Åbo Akademi, Finland
  3. Performance and robust frequency-domain response of multirate sampled-data systems. Olaf Lindgarde and Bengt Lennartson, Chalmers Univ. of Tech., Sweden
  4. Stability and robustness of nonlinear and hybrid dystems using LMIs. Stefan Petterson and Bengt Lennartson, Chalmers Univ. of Tech., Sweden
  5. Selection of secondary measurements for indirect and cascade control. Kjetil Havre, NTNU, Norway
  6. Extensions of the Petlyuk distillation arrangements. Atle Christiansen, NTNU, Norway
  7. Batch extractive distillation. Katrine Hilmen, NTNU, Norway
  8. Multivessel batch distillation - experimental verification. Bernd Wittgens, NTNU, Norway
  9. On Output Multiplicity in Binary Distillation: Experimental Verification. A. Koggersbøl, T.R. Andersen, J. Bagterp and S.B. Jørgensen, DTU, Denmark.
  10. On-line optimization and choice of optimization variables for control of heat exchanger networks. Bjørn Glemmestad , Telemark Institute of Technology, Norway.

20.00: Workshop dinner

Tuesday 14 Jan. 1997

08.00: Breakfast

08.45 - 10.45: Session 3 (Chairman: Bo Egardt)

08.45: Uncertainty estimation and robust control design of an ill-conditioned distillation column. Jari M. Bøling and Kurt E. Haggblom, Åbo Akademi, Finland
09.05: Determination of runaway limits for batch and semibatch processes. Bodil O. Recke and Sten Bay Jørgensen, DTU, Denmark
09.25: Complex dynamics in tubular reactors with recycle. Elling W. Jacobsen, KTH, Sweden and Marek Berezowski, Poland
09.45: Scheduling for batch production. Torbjørn Liljenvall, Chalmers Univ. of Tech., Sweden
10.05: Discrete event models and supervisor synthesis in batch control. Micheal Tittus and Knut Åkesson, Chalmers Univ. of Tech., Sweden
10.25: Discussion

10.45 - 11.15: Coffee break

11.15 - 11.30: General assembly of NPC Working Group

11.30 - 13.10: Session 4 (Chairman: Elling W. Jacobsen)

11.30: Control of bioprocesses. Jan Peter Axelsson, Pharmacia & Upjohn, Sweden
12.00: Optimization of penicillin production. Kurt Pedersen and Sten Bay Jørgensen, DTU, Denmark
12.20: Evaluation of the fast dynamics in a nitrifying biofilm reactor. Torsten Wik, Chalmers Univ. of Tech., Sweden
12.40: Elementary nonlinear decoupling (END): A general approach to nonlinear multivariable process control. Jens G. Balchen, NTNU, Norway.
13.00 - 13.10: Discussion

13.10 - 13.20: End of workshop and closing remarks

13.30 - 14.30: Lunch

14.40: Bus to Oslo leaves