S.Skogestad and I.Postlethwaite, Multivariable feedback control - Analysis and design,

Reviews of the book

Second Edition (2005)

  1. IEEE Control Systems Magazine, 2007 (O. H. Bosgra)
    Apart from being an excellent textbook, the book has several other merits that make it a valuable gem in the field of systems and control. The book combines high standards regarding precise formulations and mathematical correctness with being creatively design oriented and accessible for those having only a classical control background. The designs that the authors have in mind are fullscale industrial multivariable designs, where only the best concepts and tools bring success, and this message is heard throughout the book. The contents of the book can already be viewed as "classical robust control design," and the book has contributed substantially toward bringing the field of control to this point. Finally, the book sets a firm international standard for the level of a graduate course in multivariable robust control.

First Edition (1996)

  1. Proc. Instn. Mech. Engrs., 1997 (R.F. Harrison)
    This book works well and would make an excellent graduate text. It is well written, clear and comprehensive in its treatment ..... it provides deep insight into many aspects of control and dynamic systems, again from a practical angle, and presents much of this information in the form of "checklists" so that readers who do not wish to assimilate all the detail have a good starting point from which to conduct a design.

  2. Applied Mechanics Reviews, Dec. 1997 (T. Basar)
    Being rich in insights and practical tips on controller design, the book should also prove to be very beneficial to industrial control engineers, both as a reference book and as an educational tool.

  3. Int. J. of Adaptive and Signal Processing, March 1998 (F. Tadeo)
    In summary, this book can be strongly recommended not only as a basic text in multivariable control techniques for graduate and undergraduate students, but also as a valuable source of information for control engineers.

  4. Zentralblatt für Mathematik, 1998 (L. Bakule)
    The book provides a very readble text appropraite both as an introductory graduate course and as an advanced undergraduate course in multivariable control. It will be certainly highly appreciated by specialists dealing with practical feedback control. It will serve as an excellent source of information for engineers who want to understand multivariable control with its limitations, and how it can be applied in practice.

  5. Robust and Nonlinear Control, Dec. 1998 (S.A. Malik)
    The text is clear and concise, and a lot of valueable information is contained in the 559 pages. The reader is not overwhelmed with mathematical formuae, as each of the topics is introduced at a pace suitable for graduate students and experienced engineers [....] Overall, an excellent book, and highly recommended for both students and practitioner alike.

  6. Automatica, May 2000 (Petr Zagalak)
    The authors' aim was to write a book that would also be an introduction to robust control, could be used as a text for graduate courses, and be useful for control engineers. This is quite an ambitious goal which was, in my opinion, successfully realized to a great extent. The book is neither exaggeratedly theoretical, nor an easy-to-read text on control. It provides a lot of insight into the art of practical control design.