Ph.D. Course: Multivariable feedback control using frequency-domain methods.

(Multivariabel frekvensanalyse)

Norwegian University of Science Technology.
Course number: 43917 (DIE3917)

Instructor: Sigurd Skogestad

Taught last time: Spring of 1999

The course has been given every year since 1989 (except in 1995 and 1998), but it is now discontinued - it is replaced by a new 4th year (advanced undergraduate) course SIE3085 by Professor Morten Hovd given the first time in the spring term 2001.

Level: Introductory graduate (Ph.D.)

Grading: The project counts 20% and the final exam 80%

Textbook: S. Skogestad and I. Postlethwaite, Multivariable feedback control - analysis and design , Wiley, 1996.

This is a fairly extensive course. It requires that the students have some background in multivariable control and in state-space system theory (some students do not have this background, but they must then expect to spend up to 20 hours per week on the course).

Syllabus for the course (Pensum)

Mail box for the course: [ Spring 1999] [ Spring 1997] [ Spring 1996]

The course itself

Lecture part (9 weeks, Typically 3 hours per week)

Project (4 weeks)