S.Skogestad and I.Postlethwaite, Multivariable feedback control 2nd Edition , Wiley 2005, 588 pages.

MATLAB files for the book

There are available MATLAB files for most of the examples given in the book, as well as a number of files used to generate figures and tables.

Note that you need the Robust control-toolbox to run many of these files - you can also do the same things the Control toolbox, but the files will then have to be rewritten.

It is recommended that you run MATLAB in one window and have the m-file in another window, and transfer text using the mouse.

The MATLAB source files (more than 100) can be transferred one by one to your computer using your browser, or you can transfer all the files to your local machines by transferring the file matlab_book.zip (PC). Afterwards you "unpack" the files.

Note that the following utility files are included:


































The latter four routines for zero and pole vectors avoid the change in ordering of eigenvalues that may occur if the input and output vectors are computed separately.

Also included: example-2x2-delay-rga.m - A simple 2x2 example with time delay. Frequency-dependent RGA. Simulations with alternative pairings. Both exact and Pade representation of time delay.

Also included: cola_commands.m - Collection of useful commands for MIMO controllability analysis (poles/zeros and their directions, RGA, CLDG, PRGA, singular values, etc.)

Table of contents for source files

Here is the list of MATLAB source files with reference to figures and examples in the book (with page numbers):

Entire book (all MATLAB files)

Individual chapters: Ch 2, Ch 3, Ch 4, Ch 5, Ch 6, Ch 7, Ch 8, Ch 9, Ch 10, Ch 11, Ch 12, Ch 13

Please note that there is a detailed documentation of the 82-state distillation model (linear and nonlinaer model), which is described in Section 12.4 in the book.

Table of contents for files listed in book

Some MATLAB files are also listed in the book (most of these are also available as source files). Since the index for MATLAB in the book is a bit incomplete, we here give where MATLAB files are listed in the book:

p. 38: Simulation of 2nd order system and compute H-infinity norms of S and T
p. 64: Program to synthesize H-infinity controller (weighted sensitivity)
p. 87: Program to calculate frequency-dependent RGA
p. 106: Generate interconnection matrix P
p. 124: Generate a normalized coprime factorization
p. 128: Commands to find pole vectors
p. 141: Program to find pole and zero directions from transfer function
p. 225: Program for calculating sensitivity peak using (6.8)
p. 230: Program for calculating peak value of KS for Example 6.4
p. 278: Program for describing plant with complex uncertainty and analyzing RS
p. 285: Program for RP analysis
p. 325: Program for mu-analysis of NP, RS and RP
p. 331: Program for DK-iteration (mu-synthesis)
p. 358: Program to generate LQG controller
p. 367: Program to generate H-infinity controller (Make robust wrt. coprime uncertainty for use in Glover-McFarlane loop-shaping procedure)
p. 375: Program for H-infinity 2-DOF controller (coprime uncertainty loopshaping
p. 463: Commands for model reduction
p. 477: Program for determining stability of a linear system
p. 478: Program for calculating H-infinity norm of a linear system
p. 479: Program for calculating upper bound on mu
p. 510: Generate various configurations for distillation
p. 537: Compute various vector and matrix norms

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