Analysis and Design (2nd Edition)

Sigurd Skogestad and Ian Postlethwaite

[Book cover] Published by Wiley in September 2005. Reprinted Feb. 2007 (with corrections from Dec. 2006). 608 pages.
Note: Text location and/or page numbering for pages 393-454 is changed in 2nd printing (Feb. 2007).

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I'm teaching a grad course from your book at the moment. I like it a lot -- I think it's by far the best in the field.

Professor Bruce A. Francis, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Toronto, Canada (24 Sep 1997).

The best text book on control system design

Professor Bruce A. Francis, Acceptance speeech for IEEE Field Award in Control (2015).

Your book is excellent. This semester is the second time that I have used it. The material seems to be presented at just the right level and depth to accommodate the diverse backgrounds of the Masters Degree students from several departments who take the course.

Professor Michael A. Safonov, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Southern California, USA (05 Oct 1998).

Re. 1999 IFAC Triennial Control Engineering Textbook Prize: The balloting was extremely close, but eventually your book was placed on second rank. Although your book was not chosen as the final winner, you are to be congratulated on having written such an impactful book, and having it recognized by the nominators and the selection committee.

Professor Karl Heinz Fasol, Ruhr-Universitat Bochum, Germany, EDCOM Chair 1993-99 (03 March 1999)

This is the second time I teach a graduate course on Linear Multivariable Control using your book as a main reference. I find the book an excellent textbook primarily because of the many insightful physical examples making the material more vivid and intuitive while keeping the mathematics reasonably rigorous.

Professor Z.J. Palmor, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel. (20 Aug 1999)

Thank you for authoring Multivariable Feedback Control: Analysis and Design. Although this was not the required text for the course, it was clearly our favorite. Great book!

Tom McKinley, Doctoral Student in Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (15 Dec 2007).

[Vinay Kariwala, Sigurd Skogestad and Ian Postlethwaite] [Sigurd Skogestad and Ian Postlethwaite sihning their book in Sevilla, Spain in December 2005]

Fun fact

"-ize" not "-ise" is correct British (Oxford) English, as anyone with a half-descent education would know (says Inspector Morse).

The change to "-ise" is apparently a more recent change by less educated Brits :-)
This is also why Ian (a true Brit) and I (more americanized) could agree to use "optimize" and "stabilize" in our book on Multivariable Feedback control.

See youtube episode of "Ghost in the Machine"

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