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Dynamic model of industrial AMMONIA reactor

This documentation was prepared by: S. Skogestad (aug.97)

The files in this directory can be used to generate the results
and plots given in the paper "Analysis of instability in industrial
ammonia reactors" by J. Morud and S. Skogestad (see file 
which was publicshed in AIChE J. in April 1998 (pp.  888-895). 

MATLAB files

Most of the results can be generated with MATLAB, see the file
The other *.m files are utility files (except for datasim.m which 
contains the results generated by the Fortran program),

It is recommended that you start matlab in one window, and
have the file ammonia.m an another , and transfer things to the matlab
window using the mouse.

Fortran program for nonlinear dynamic simulation

MATLAB can be a bit slow. This is reason why we use a Fortran
program to generate the sustained oscillations when the pressure
is stepped down (although it certainly can be done with Matlab). 

To compile the Fortran program use:
  f77 -o ammonia ammonia.f 
Then to run the program write
The results are saved in the file datasim.m and can be plotted
using Matlab (see the file plot.txt).

Additional information

1. Ph.D. thesis of John Morud (1996) - available on the net .
   It contains results using a more detailed model.

2. Diploma thesis of G. Juonys (1997) (postscript file
   It also contains results for a methanol reactor for which
   we find that the same kind of instability may occur with
   industrial reactors.

3. CONTROL: see subdirectory control